Clash 002: Marylaine vs. Jen

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Last week while I was watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, I got annoyed by a housemate's attitude, parallel that of the ex-housemate's Wendy Valdez (Pinoy Big Brother Season 2) seemingly lack of breeding. Jen (Jennifer Da Silva, right) was having a heated argument with co-26K Girls (Deal or No Deal), Marylaine (Marylaine Louise Viernes, left), and I could sense that the latter was really trying to keep her cool while the former kept ranting indignantly and irrespectfully about her partner, as they two are of one entry to PBB, although Jen may not had been aware that time. I was really disgusted by Jen's attitude that time.

The second time I saw these girls again was in Boy & Kris, wherein these ladies fulfilled their fashion fantasy by being dressed up with opulently fashionable clothes by Mitch Dulce. Kris tried to clear out what really could have been the reason about their argument while in the PBB house and Jen, same as what she displayed in the house, was still in a furious manner as she tried to explain while Marylaine still tried to keep her cool. Jen is more of the talkative, and grouchy, and keeps throwing Marylaine a nasty look, if not turn her back or simply not face her all the time. Kris asked them both as to whom would have they preferred to be in the PBB house as the partner in that two-as-one entry and it was Jen who answered first, "Charmel" and Marylaine uttered the same, and that created a really good laugh at Kris--who primarily was the one tasked to interview them both--because Jen added a challenge saying, though in Tagalog, "Well I'm sure she will not choose you". So Kris made a call to Charmel, another 26K girl, and asked her directly who would she rather choose to be with if she were to be the one of the girls to be admitted to PBB house and Charmel replied "Marylaine."

I was really overjoyed to have heard that. It really pays to be humble and calm. And reading from their profiles in the Pinoy Big Brother website and remembering Kris's question to them about their educational attainment, it is no wonder why Jen has no breeding.

My vote goes to Marylaine. Like Wendy, Jen deserves not to shine in the showbiz industry. With an attitude like that, it won't get her any further.

(This is a Clash Series, numbered 002. To read Clash 001, click this. It was about Erap and I entitled
The Oddity Between Erap and Me.)

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