The Bond between Maria and Me

virgin mary, christian living, mother of jesus christOnce there were two partial strangers: he knew her, and yet she didn't know him. A timid and deficiently forward boy he was, he trespassed her domain with an incomparable glee and delight in his heart, and she allowed him with warm and gracious welcome that was not like anybody's.

He was I.

I came to her with the prospect of unleashing the surging potentials in my entirety and with the hope of being molded into what the community expected me to become. She taught me everything I needed to know under her special care. When there was the scorching sun she provided me a comforting shade, and when there were the chilly rains she gave me warmth. Where there were hostility and rejection she became my confidante and offered me her arms of warmth and her bosom of unconditional love. She was my fortress, a refuge I longingly sought at times when my fragile heart pumped to the brim of breaking into pieces. She was my second mother.

She was Maria.

In her I learned to become self-sacrificing, perseverant, more compassionate than I already was, obedient and respectful, and a simple living inspiration to my family. She taught me to be God-fearing in its peak extent, just as every Christian should be. To subdue anger and hate, control nasty impulses, forgive myself and others, and shut down indifference were what she imparted to me in the course of four, seemingly ephemeral years. She helped me understand the very meaning of existence.

Wisdom-wise, in her place I have acquired essential knowledge necessary to put me on the pedestal in my chosen field, and the associated skills to help me suit the foreseen and the unforeseen roles I have to render—whatever they may be. In the end, she gave me merits, and I give her credits.

Maria was such a very good woman to me. Her disciples were as comforting and welcoming as she. They squeezed out the best in me and put me steps higher to accomplishing and realizing my dreams in life.

If it weren't for Maria, a name I call to my Alma Mater, St. Mary's College, I would not be where I am and who I am now—two things I'd forever be grateful for. That is why I always look back to the very day I entered her dominion and will always hold close to my heart the special and most cherished bond made between her and me, and as long as I live, I will continue to keep in mind the teachings she imparted to me and forever I'll give her the glory.

She was—and still is—my Maria. And for eternity, she will always be to me.

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