The Baddest Borborygmus

stomach ache, tummy I have to bluntly say that this day was an unlucky day for me. I radically searched for what might have caused the violent rumbling of my stomach this morning, back while I was sitting still in a seat in the review center, but I could only guess. Having stayed there for barely half an hour in the room seemed all too out of this world and for the most part hell; I had the feeling my behind would explosively blow up in any minute. My stomach was protesting in all its power that I had to immediately get from my roommate the key to our room so that I had left the review center and trudged the road back to dorm with a sole prayer in my mind:

“Lord, just don’t let my tummy give in until I arrived at the dorm and I would no longer be gay,” I had thought desperately.

But walking along the road only worsened what I felt. Of course an increase in body activity would also increase your peristalsis, and knowing all too feel that when I walk I do it very fast that even my friends would complain, how much more at that particular time in the morning when my pacing was doubled, distressed by the sick feeling.

Yes I arrived at the dorm, and rushed as quick as a lightning to the rest room, and there I had my gastrointestinal tract’s rest. At last, comfort. What a great relief… then I went back to the review center afterwards.

I thought it was the end, but several minutes before the afternoon class ended I started to feel a bad feeling regarding my tummy again, that up till now, yes right now when I am typing this, I still feel the crazy activity of my stomach, and this time accompanied with slight pain. This is really bad, that even a slight movement would aggravate the pain. Grr… What could this be? But as a nurse graduate, of course I know some medications for certain discomforts and had therefore self-medicated, although I am not the type who would immediately take one. So I took Buscopan, an antispasmodic meds although I do not have any idea what really have caused the very violent disturbance in my stomach. It might be a contaminated water, food poisoning, whatever! What I know is that my taking of a medication seemed to have lessened the discomfort it caused me. Thanks God! I hope this will all be over when I wake up tomorrow, or else I would have to be absent, which I would not want to do as the nurse licensure exam is fast approaching and I need to concentrate and dedicate more of my time now to my studying.

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