7 Sure Fire Ways to Earn from Your Blog

computer, encoding, typing, blogging, laptop We know there has been a massive springing of new blogs everyday, some of which are for personal stuffs but most of today's blog are geared towards generating income by driving visitors to the site. So how does one entice this traffic to the blog and how to actually have these visitors to read your blog and eventually help you generate revenue? Here are some tips I have gathered from Mike McGuff's interview with Rick Calvert, co-founder and CEO of BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

1. For a blog to be well-trafficked, the contents of the blog should be of high quality and original and posting should be as frequent as it can be, at least 4 times a week and preferably multiple posts in a day.

2. Although traffic is a major determinant and factor in getting your blog to popularity, it is not a guarantee that it will automatically mean high earnings. What's the good of driving a great deal of traffic to your site if your site does not have the tools necessary for money making? Some bloggers don't want to monetize their site and some just don't care. There are those who are well-versed with the blogging techniques, specifically the IT related courses and professions, but it does not necessarily take one to make a good amount out of your blog.

3. A blog's earning potentials depend largely upon the topics covered in the posts. It is much easier to make money online if the posts are about technology, celebrity gossip, or some high ticket industry than to be posting about boring stuffs like basket weaving or airplane models.

4. The steps to make money by blogging has no formula; but audience is the foundation. One needs eyeballs. Second is the use of some available tools, like AdSense and other text link advertising, display advertising, affiliate programs and an online store or private merchandise.

5. The kind of posts that attract attention depends again on what the subject matter is. The most important thing in blogging is quality. If a quality content is posted, you build a lot of audience. Celebrities and gossips about them, hot news items, and Fortune 500 brands are among those that will really get noticed. Posting about other famous bloggers will also help, as this is a form of linkbaiting, meaning there is an increased chance of getting their usual visitors to your site also. How-to and practical tips and advice headlines, like "10 ways to save money", or "Three things you need to know about blogging" give the readers a very good reason to click. And money and sex seem to always get attention.

6. What you give you receive. Encourage readers to leave comments on your page. And how can you do that? Leave comments to their page also, and end it with questions like "what do you think?", or "can anyone share their experience with a topic?" etc. and always respond to the comments your readers have left on your blog and be thankful always, always express gratitude for their leaving of comments. This lets them know you value their contribution and gets them to come back and comment again instead of only once.

7. Write about something you care deeply and know profoundly about, work hard on it, and offer quality content and you can build an audience and will eventually lead you to make some money. Be honest with what you write and post as readers can tell if you are faking it, just trying to make money or if you really are sincere.

For the whole interview, click here.

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