50 Biting Truths About My Country

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I am not saying I hate my country but there just have been too many conflicts and problems that Philippines has to solve and resolve, and we are not turning a blind eye to all these. It is much better to have been keen and vigilant than to be ignorant to these current, biting truths because it is in being 0bservant that we show we care for our country and how we recognize its shortcomings, thereby leading us to ask within ourselves what might have been wrong and what can I do for the country. The following enumerated insights are not of ridiculing my country but to tell my countrymen that some of what we have regarded as normal and routinary overtime are not the way they seem. They are not good and healthy for the nation, and therefore should be changed. This is a challenge. And I would so much appreciate if you post your comments and reactions to this post, and would all the more appreciate if you re-post this truths into your posts and add your own observations of our country and its people nowadays. If you do so, tell me if you have done it and I will tag you and your additional "biting truths" in a new post and will also add you in my blogroll.

So here goes my list.

Philippines is where...

1. politics is the quickest and surest way to becoming rich
2. crab mentality is very normal
3. politicians care more of their pockets rather than the welfare of of the people
4. poor people rather spend leisure time on smoking and alcoholism
5. rats and cockroaches are normal house co-inhabitants
6. underemployment is a persistent perennial problem
7. public employees are not compensated justly
8. people vote for a leader one day and oust it the other day
9. national defense is weak
10. bombing befalls very frequently
11. Nursing is the nation's current course craze
12. everyone plans or wishes to go abroad
13. families are sustained by an OFW relative
14. schools and hospitals are more of commodities rather than services
15. English is spoken as though it were the national language
16. commodities' prices always go up and never comes back down
17. even the poorest of the poor own a cellphone or two
18. people spend more on cellphone loads than other basic needs
19. many employees work in jobs that are not course-related
20. sex and sex is the poor's way of killing time, resulting to population explosion
21. prostitution is rampant
22. consumers prefer imported goods
23. social climbing is an everyday thing
24. local/national singers/bands don't shine in the internation scenes
25. 75% of songs in an album of music artists are revived
26. tourist spots are where its common people can't go to
27. around 70% of its people hadn't ridden on an aeroplane
28. traffic means gridlock for a couple of hours
29. snatching/stealing is a livelihood
30. pedestrian lanes are ignored, if not really invisible
31. policemen earn extra income when they should have been confiscating licenses of the road law-breakers
32. skilled and intelligent professionals practice their professions overseas
33. gambling and corruption is rampant
34. most immortality could have been prevented had the government acted immediately
35. poor people blame everything to the government rather than persevering for themselves and their future
36. breaking the laws is “trip” and makes someone great (as long as you're not caught)
37. most teens want to become a TV personality
38. foreigners are treated more genially than tits countrymen
39. 80% of its people cannot sing the national anthem perfectly
40. possessing the latest tech gadgets makes one great and respectable
41. money can buy people
42. the poor sell their body organs to have something to eat
43. people engage in weird jobs to earn a living
44. its people marry foreigners to escape from the bonds of poverty
45. gossiping is as normal as having meals
46. selling pirated CD's/VCD's/DVD's is almost around every corner
47. pollution is persistent
48. its citizens with foreign surnames are superior
49. whitening soaps, creams, lotions, etcetera are desperately used
50. where public schools are overpopulated

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