10 Reasons Why Life at the Rooftop is Lovely

I know I may not have been so good all the time but I am still lucky I am almost always guided by saints and it would have been any wiser if I dedicated the time Thursday to thank them than to just have allowed heedless thoughts swam through my brain in a razzle-dazzle. Look, the school where I graduated college from is called St. Mary's College, the review center I enrolled to is St. Louis, and the dormitory that serve as my second home while away from my hometown is St. Luke's. See, they are all saints.

St. Luke's Dormitory is a four-story, trapezoid-shaped building. Each floor, excluding the ground, holds six rooms and each room showcases four bed spaces on an average. It is an elegant dorm with a very affordable price of PhP 1,000 a month, with extra charges only when your electricity consumption exceeds the allowable. What I like living in this dorm is that all my roommates are my best friends--male or female, gay or lesbian (LOL)--and many of our dorm mates are actually our classmates. So it's really fun.

But what I love most in this dorm is the homey rooftop. It has served us many purposes and has somewhat become the very best friend of us all. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. Primarily, it is where we hang our clothes to dry. You just have to wait for as short as 6 hours on a very sunny day and they'll dry up. With my frail frame, sometimes I don't even squeeze my laundry before I hang them, knowing that the sun will do the job. You just have to be cautious though if rain shall fall as contrarily all your clothes will be fully drenched with the rainfall.

2. It can be the place to breathe fresh air. If you're too stressed out, you can relax here.

3. It can also serve as a gym. You can hold your morning exercises there should you wish to.

4. It is where we hold our nighttime dates and small parties. Just bring on the drinks and the foods and the party would be heavenly, knowing your nearer the sky, overlooking the surrounding neighborhoods--which includes city's central establishments--or the date would be candlelit-like as the glares of the surrounding buildings' windows look like it.

5. If you're angry or upset with someone, the rooftop can be your comforter. You can cry there, shed off your very disturbing burdens or you can shout out all your anger and desperation. Just don't jump off there, silly!

6. Bring on a laptop that wi-fi ready and you can surf the web. There is a certain part in the rooftop, and only in the rooftop, that can catch up and leech on some city establishments' free wi-fi connections. You just choose from among them. Sounds good, eh?

7. Whether you feel the urge to release the heat in you or just plainly horny, the rooftop can be a nice place for your carnal pleasures, too. Just lock, or close, the gates there so that when someone climbs up you (and your somebody, if there's any) will be warned that someone is coming. Naughty, isn't it? I haven't done that okay, nor shall do that, the thought just occured to me.

8. If you simply need to be aroused and not actually do any form of "mystery", you can eagerly look for an open window, or a window whose curtains have been shoved aside, in a nearby hotel (the nearest one being the Apo View Hotel, as the other hotels, The Royal Mandaya and The Marco Polo are quite far) and wait to see a sex live show. What for are hotels anyway? They're 70% the places for sexual pleasures, right? There was one time many of my friends and I witnessed a live show there. Don't worry, you can't be detected watching as it is so dark in the rooftop, especially if you are to view it from a considerable distance, and that's exactly how it will be for hotel people's vision. The only thing the can see of you are your silhouettes. Just lower your head a little if you're watching a live show or two. Ha ha.

9. The rooftop can also be a way to find your destiny or soul mate. There are times when room renters shove their curtains aside to see how the nearby places look like. One time a male Korean did that and we waved and waved, and surprisingly he waved back, too.

10. If any luckier, and if just by sign language, number nine can proceed to having a possible hook-up with any hotel residents, if you really are that easy and lustful.

So that is how life at our dorm's rooftop is; sometimes it's crazy, sometimes it's cool, just like life and living themselves...

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Tsaikoboy said...

that's a funny post..hehe although i don't spend much time on the rooftop..besides, your rooftop seems more fun,,the place im staying at is kinda strict..

Zang said...

in what way is the place you're staying strict?

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