Enchanted with Enchanted

enchantedWho says fairy tales do not come true? In this modern world they do come alive, by way of a hustly and bustly New York street's manhole. From vividly colorful cartoons the characters lead real lives into the city. First there is Giselle (Amy Adams) thrust into the “real” world by her evil potential mother-in-law (Susan Sarandon). Unfamiliar with her new world and dazed from her cartoon-to-human transformation, she appears unwelcome to Manhattan, although she's put up for the night by a stranger, a vexed divorce lawyer, Robert (Patrick Dempsey, Grey's Anatomy), with his little girl (Rachel Covey).

Like Snow White, Giselle has the talent of summoning her platoon of animal friends with just a rhythmical yodel, and with the perfect participation from the city's wildlife force—rats, mice, pigeons, and well-organized cockroaches—she cleans up the messy flat in singing and merrying mode just in time before Robert's girlfriend Nancy (Idina Menzel) visits the place, although in the end it turned out to be more than the mess than it had been and accidentally causing a little trouble to Robert's and Nancy's morning meet-up.

While Giselle deals with her new world, her animated world's prince charming, Edward (James Marsden) follows to search her in the city. But the evil queen has her wicked plans: kill Giselle with a bite from the apple. So she sends her most faithful servant to do the bidding for her and getting impatient over time over the failure of this servant, she forces to visit Giselle herself and have and try her bite the apple. And that was in the King and Queen's ball.

True love's kiss is what it takes to make the fallen Giselle arise from a deep, deathly sleep and who better does it than Robert, who had fallen deeply in love with her. And like most fairy tales, it ends in a happy ending.

All throughout the breadth of the story, viewers will be charmed by Enchanted's jolly and highly romantic songs, such as the “Happy Working Song”, “So Close”, “That's How You Know,” among others (listen here for the official soundtracks).

Everyone's got to see this magical movie; it's Snow White, Cinderella and King Kong in one. It's got references to a lot of Disney's princesses as well. This is for everyone who believes that dreams do come true.

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My Three Ultimate Prayers

Time really flutters away very fast. I only have five days to prepare myself for the dreaded Nurse Licensure Exam, which will be on 1st and 2nd day of December. Honestly, I don't feel so pressured, though I am definitely uncertain that I will still feel the same when it would be a day left until that examination of judgment. That gives me a shiver. I am now feeling a tinge of guilt as I have not committed myself to studying dedicatedly. Well I still do hope I will pass. I am just now living a life as close to normal as possible. I don't want to clutter my mind with a bombardment of additional information about Nursing, which is really vast in terms of scope.

I have chosen St. Jude as my patron, and has started the 9-day novena last November 22. I've been praying really hard and religiously for help. I know many people believe I will pass but human as I am I have weaknesses, which may hinder my passing. At least, I've recognized these weaknesses.

Yesterday while attended the mass, I was so moved by the gospel. It was about Christ being the King of the Jews. A king who, unlike what we know of kings today who use power and authority to enact laws and force and do not take happiness in or accept any weaknesses, does not abuse his power and instead remain humble, while accepting His own weaknesses and the people's. By the way, today is the Feast of Christ the King, which happens to be my hometown's patron, and too bad I cannot come home as I am having my Final Coaching in my review. I miss my family already...

My primary aim for posting this post as to actually request from my readers to include me in their prayers, especially to attain these three things as follows, which are what I have been praying for with St. Jude's aid:

1. Pass the board exam. Every examinee wants to pass the licensure exam of course. Who would want to fail anyway? Every nurse graduate wants to be a Registered Nurse in the soonest time possible.

2. Have an average that at least 80% or above. This average will be very vital for application in the hospitals. The higher your average, the greater the chance of being accepted when applying.

3. Top the board. Is that too much? I don't think so. It's better you aim high than be content of just passing the exam. When you desire for a higher wish, tendency if it will not be granted you'll end up to around close to it. At least. If not actually top it, I am happy of the thought that my friends will do. That will give me the same happiness, and glory for our school.

Please help me pray for these things. That would be the greatest give I can have for this Christmas, and I am thanking you all in advance...

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Ensured, Assured Insurance

nations finance, insuranceThe words may be confusing; they sometimes seem to us as if they're perfectly synonymous. To ensure is to make sure; to assure is to guarantee; and to insure is to protect from loss, damage, etc. My point? Well in today’s modern world, everything—from our home, car, and even our very selves—has taken delightfully the assurance life insurances can give us. And if you have thought of home, car and even travel insurance, you might want to consider Nations Finance. They offer only the best deals you can find online, get to know the benefits of their life insurance, make a claim, and get the tips to get the cheapest quote. Visit their web now and have your life and your property insured with an ensured and assured insurance only at Nations Finance.

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Spice Girls falling on Headlines?

The girls are back! And they're bringing a different kind of spice. Although they had ventured into going solo, these phenomenal girls have reunited even before Boyzone does, which allegedly stated that they had first considered regrouping themselves and planned to have their reunion last year (2006) and that Spice Girls and Take That are "comeback copycats", says ContactMusic, basing on the interview of Boyzone's lead vocals Ronan Keating.

Spice Girls concerts may had been a major hit in each of them but their new single Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) is officially a dud, says Kathy McCabe of News.com, debuting only at No. 20 on the British charts. And as if all these bads news aren't enough, Monica Gaza of Softpedia.com says the Spice Girls' comeback video shoot ended in tears and fight.

Personally, I never had been informed of these girls' comeback. Perhaps, the move wasn't really a hit. And their new video and song isn't so up to my taste, or maybe I just need getting used to it, at least.

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A quick way to fold your clothes

I was so much amazed of this instructional video when I first saw this in my friend Marc's compilation of amazing (that includes funny, disastrous, how-to's, weird stuffs...). This video demonstrated how to fold clothes with ease and deftness in the possible shortest time. Although this is in Japanese, their way of writing and speaking should not frighten you as the video in itself is understandable as it actually shows how to fold the clothes. For mothers, homemakers, and to anyone who lives independently, this should help you. I have tried this with my friends when we care for our tees.

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Receive special bonus with Advertlets


Hear ye! Hear ye! I have a good news to all Filipino bloggers. I have received an email today from Advertlets inviting Filipinos to join their money-making site. Advertlets is a blog advertising network for Asians, with pioneering countries as Malaysia and Singapore, and which recently have built interest from Pinoy advertisers. They've launched just eight months ago and although they haven't officially launched in the Philippines yet, time will come that they'll do in the soonest time possible. They fervently hope to have around 500 - 1000 Filipino bloggers when they will do the launching, and as of this date there have only been around 150 who are members of their site, including I, and that qualifies me to receive a special bonus from them. And you too can, when you join now, as the special bonus will be given to the first 1000 Filipino bloggers who have signed up early (I am batting my lashes).

Advertlets have an estimated 10,000 blogger members and have secured blog advertisers as Starbucks, Honda, EMI Music, TV networks, local magazines, mobile content brands and a whole lot more. In Malaysia they even have monthly contests, with prizes ranging from iPod Shuffles, free movie tickets, holiday getaways, free music and CD's and more. Their top bloggers even can earn up to RM1000/month, or around PhP12,000. Nice, right? And if there will be more bloggers who will signed up to them, sponsored post opportunities is projected to come within 1 and a half months.

Join now (click here) and be the among the first 1,000 Filipino bloggers who signed up to receive the special bonus.

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Shut up and Drive

speeding car, car on the road, fast carI don’t have a car or two... but I’d like to own at least one. Who wouldn’t anyway? They make life easier, and they can transport us to more immediately to places where we want to go.

But like most of today’s technology, nothing is perfect. Cars, like other innovations and inventions of today’s world, sometimes come to a time where their parts need replacement, or enhancements. And with the advent of modern tech, almost everything is right at our fingertips, including buying car parts online.

There is one site that has been running for 6 years now and is one of the largest online car catalog. Drivewire.com provides very easy access to auto parts and accessories, and even also offers great discounts. You can even be guided by their vehicle guide and parts guide so you will have better options for your automobiles. This online store offers products/replacements from famous car companies such as the Ford auto parts.

I say this is one great site for your cars, and if ever you’re mumbling something there, all I can say is shut up and drive

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Tag Along

I've been tagged twice, mainly by Tsaiko and Lex and still have not responded to their kindness. So now that I finally have the time, I am returning the favor. Here I am tagging persons who've made an impact to my blogging life, whether by helping me to blog better or simply by bonds of friendship. If you've been tagged, that means you mean something to me...
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Naughty or Nice

santa claus, christmas

How well have you been for this Christmas? Naughty, or nice? You will know if you've been really naughty. Just watch out for Santa this season... and don't look up your chimneys. You've been warned...

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The Rainy Days Are... Over?

rain, umbrellaWell, perhaps some of my “rainy” days have been over, and I'm up to facing what are left, but the weather hasn't been so kind lately. Literally, the rainy days are on again. Of course, it's nearing December and in some parts of the world the winter has already started, bringing us here the chill of Christmas. Oh how I look forward to the “holidays”.

But oops, there is still one great storm that I have to face and surpass—the Nurse Licensure Exam. It's thirteen days more until that dreaded licensure exam. Time passes really fast, really! Or is it just because I just put to waste the times that supposedly were to be utilized to study the very vast scope of Nursing? Whatever. I'm not feeling guilty, anyway. I have to enjoy while I am alive, too bad the weather is such a wet blanket. I really hate it when it rains as I cannot do the things I usually do, like go outside, have some fun with a friend or two, taking a walk at night, grr... I just hate it! One thing more, I was being reprimanded by my sister for obliviously leaving her two umbrellas now in two different internet cafes. Shame on me.

And as if those weren't enough, the rain I am sure will cause me a great time going back to Davao tomorrow. I still am thinking how will I take with me my clothes if almost all of them hadn't been sun-dried? They're still damp, and it really would be awkward to be packing them up that damp. Since I got back here in my hometown Friday night I immediately had my clothes laundered but up to now they still aren't dry enough to be called “okay”.

So now I'm singing rain, rain, go away. Come again another day, when my clothes have all dried up...

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Get Free Drug Rehab Referral only at 1800NoDrugs.com

drugs, no to drugsDrug addiction has alarmingly taken new heights nowadays, affecting people regardless of age, sex, culture and nationality. Its multi-factorial roots can be traced down from that of today's seemingly disorganized world, with specific causes such as peer pressure, mere curiosity and most of the time because of a pathologic family. This kind of addiction afflicts people's lives, causing dilemmas and cruel obsession and compulsion that can sometimes lead to commission of crimes. And let's face it, most of today's crimes are drug-related.

I have seen people who fell into the thorny traps of drug addiction, and even though they are not my relatives, it still gives a stab in the heart to know that my brethren have succumb to this form of evil. If you have a loved one who's been addicted to drugs, would you rather ignore or turn a blind eye to it? The answer should be “no”.

Concerned people over the centuries have formulated numerous programs and treatments to rehabilitate drug addicts as fast as how drug addiction spread its evil tentacles. But with these vast number of available drug treatment programs, it is a daunting task.

But there is one reliable program that helps families with ano to drugs, drugs drug-addicted relative or individuals who by themselves are self-aware addicts take drug rehabilitation measures. 1800NoDrugs is a Drug Rehab Referral Service that is no-cost and is designed to help drug addicts, alcoholics, chronic relapse victims, and their families find an effective drug rehab and intervention for alcoholism and drug addiction of the highest quality at no cost. 1800NoDrugs.com knows the nation's drug treatment centers and can place your loved one in the drug rehabilitation center that is most appropriate for them and, I'll say it again, at no-cost. 1800NoDrugs.com has an excellent track record with drug rehabs and their compassionate, knowledgeable drug rehabilitation placement staff.

If you or someone you know is ensnared by drug addiction, make a move now. It's never too late yet. Find the best rehab center with 1800NoDrugs aid and commence a new, better life for you or your loved one.

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Nicole Scherzinger on Maxim Germany December 2007

nicole scherzinger, nicole scherzingerPussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger covers for Maxim Germany's December 2007 issue. This steam-hot lady has already been going solo and has already released her first solo single, Baby Love.

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A Lucky Day

clover, lucky clover, four-leaf cloverI thought 13 is a lucky number, but I think 16 is luckier. There have been many things that I should celebrate for today, and must thank God for them. Mock board exam's over, and so far I have good grades, with scores that almost always scratched nearly at the highest, with one that seemingly was the highest, or at least in all of us friends I got the highest in that one. We had started the Mock Board exam--a series of tests that were actually the previous Nursing board exam questions last June 2007--by Wednesday with three exams namely Nursing Practice I (Foundation of Nursing), II (Community Health Nursing and Maternal and Child Care Nursing) and III (Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychosocial Alterations [Part A]) and had two more this day, the Part B and C, or the Nursing Practice IV and V. Although our review center, St. Louis, already has machine checker, we hadn't been able to assess how well we did for today's exams. Perhaps by tomorrow or the next day we will know... Anyway, here were my scores for NP I, II and III respectively: 72/100, 74/100 and 74/100. Although these scores do not fall within my standards, I still should be thankful as these are already high scores, and that's only raw scores; they still have to be transmutated and by these scores alone I got a total of 86.67%. I hope my two other exams will be of good scores, too. I will post them again here once all our scores have been computed...

Today I am feeling lucky as I am with my family again; I'm back in my hometown. Yehey! But by Tuesday, or before that, I will go back again to Davao for the Final Coaching. Geez.. the Nursing Licensure Exam is already nearing, that's December 1 and 2. It's 14 days more to go, or 2 weeks! Must do my best at that...

When I checked my email tonight, I've seen surprising email subjects. There was one saying "an advertiser has accepted my bid", that's in SponsoredReviews.com, and with this new opportunity I can earn $32.50 ($50 supposedly but the site subtracts 35%). I mean, that's big!

Other email subjects also spell "your post has been approved", and that's by PayPerPost. One problem is that I need to reconfigure or edit my other two posts so that they'll be approved... It's raining money!

Ezine Articles has also accepted one of the two articles I submitted to them, and the other yet unapproved one still to be accepted. It (the approved one) was an opinion that spoke of biting truths about Philippines, which I have posted here in my blog days ago, and the link can be found here for the exact Ezine entry or here for my blog post.

Things couldn't get any luckier than all these in a day...

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Monkeys Love Camera

monkey, animals, smiling monkeyMy aunt has two monkeys encaged at themonkey, animals, smiling monkey back of their house, which is readily accessible on our pathway to the street. One day I had thought of taking photos of them both, and was so surprised that one of them, China (chee-na) actually loves camera. She never missed a shot without her smile on. This monkey surely did know what for are cameras. Bright monkey!

And then I took another photo. And China still did flaunt her widest smile, baring yellow, stained teeth. Now that's one thing she should not be proud of...

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Earn $150 from Reviewing A Blog

you got blogged, contest, blog contest, review a blog Yes, you read it right! By just reviewing a particular blog, you can earn as much as $150. Sounds good, eh? How?

Go to MindanaoBloggers and from there take a search at their directory listings. You will find blogs there aggregated according to the particular provinces that these blogs belong. Just click on what you feel like clicking. If you have visited a blog that has captured your interest or a blog that you have so much to say about, then have it as your subject for review. In that way you won’t be having a hard time reviewing that blog.

Also MindanaoBloggers list bloggers from the island of Mindanao (Philippines), anyone in the world can participate, as long as they love Mindanao. What’s another good about this Review-a-Blog contest is that you can make for as many as 5 reviews, under your one name of course, and you can post these reviews to any of your blogs. If you participated in this contest, you will not only get the chance to win $150 for the first prize, $100 (second) or $50 (third) but you also expose your blog for traffic, as a link to you review post will be placed there in MindanaoBloggers You Got Blogged contest. Reviews must be 300 - 400 words in English, Tagalog and Cebuano only, and must be original. And if you think you can write with expertise then that won’t come as a problem. Just make your reviews diplomatic in their assessments and feedbacks. Raise the interest of your readers, make it a worthy read, although this contest is not judged by how many times you’re review posts are read.

Attaching the contest’s sponsors after your blog post is required, and you find the codes here. Entries which do not have this footer will not be accepted. After completing the requirements, you will have to sign up the entry form for your review to be officially included. You have to provide them with your post’s link.

Hurry! Join now. Make reviews as many as five. Drive traffic to your site, while getting a change of winning to as much as $150. Contest will close on December 14, 2007. To see your edge over other reviewers, you can view the previous entries.

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Confessions of Mr. Lockheart

locked heart, lockheart, naked man, bare, heart, black and white heart Many people delight in the blissful nature of love. They recount with incomparable glee how sweet and beautiful love is. For most of them, love is everything; it is what makes their world go round. It is the essence of living.

But I know of one person who does not revel in the character of love, not for long anyway. Not that he ceased to love but he said that he’d rather be alone, make a life of his own and forget what love has to offer everyone. He said he fell in love once with someone, got the most out of it, gave up everything he can to make the relationship strong and alive, and did every little thing he can do just so to feel the joy of sharing an intimate love with somebody.

Yet contrary to what he persevered to maintain and keep, the love that he and his special someone had fallen to a bitter end. He was betrayed, he said, and it was unjust and injustice for him to be done that, for he remained faithful all along. But still he never gave up the hope that someday he’ll find someone again, to give back the love that he deserves.

And came another one, another catastrophe, if he were to rate it. It was just more painful that the more he got in love the more painful the hurting he felt. And right there and then he gave up… and never dared to fall in love again.

I asked him the reasons why he fears of being in love with someone again. He said he has locked his heart from all the possible hurting love can bring. True, love brings so much joy, but not for him, he said.

“I am now seeing myself as a person whose heart has been hardened by the people and the cruel thorns of love,” he furthered. “I get attracted to some people at times, and even thought of giving myself another moment to love again but every time I do so, I bear in mind that what I will get is the familiar pain again, which, even though my heart’s wounds have already healed to scars, I am afraid will no longer be tolerable. Instead of engaging in any relationship I will just divert my attention to some other things. In that way, I am detached from the world where many lovers pass by with hands held tight against each other. They appear to me as if they were not lovers. That’s how powerful conditioning the mind can do.”

Love is but a silly thing, Mr. Lockheart added. “One moment you swim happily in its enticing ocean, the next you found yourself drowning in it helplessly, like it has swallowed you whole and would never spit you out again. I can’t see any reason why I should be in love again. It is just a waste of time, isn’t it?”

Mr. Lockheart may have become so cynical and skeptical about love and I can see that he’s badly hurt, and I cannot blame him why he wouldn’t allow love to come his way again, for indeed if love only bring more of pain than joy then I’d rather I’d not fall in its trap.

It is just a waste of time—love .”

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You Comment, I Follow

backlinks followedI just have learned yesterday how this thing works, mainly through Blogger for Dummies. Backlinks, which Blogger has, enables tracking of other web pages that link to your posts. It said that if someone else posts on a topic similar to yours and links back to them then your post will automatically show a link to the other post. These links will be shown under the posts with the title "Links to this post" next to comments link. Clicking on that takes you to the page where all the backlinks are shown under the post and the comments.

Google will index that post linked to your blog post. This link, however, has the no-follow tag on it, meaning Googlebot will not follow that link back to the originating post and index it. But you can do something about this to get the originating post link-loved, thereby increasing this post page's indexing. Learn more by clicking here. This will help a lot to get your page indexed more which will further increase your page's ability to be immediately found in Google search engine, thereby increasing your traffic and popularity.

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8-limbed Indian Girl

Lakshmi Tatma, who was born with four arms and four legs and was joined to what is known as a "parasitic twin" that has stopped developing in the mother's womb, has successfully underwent surgery today with an 80 percent chance that should enable her to move and walk like any ordinary child.

The £30,000 operation, which has been performed free of cost by the hospital and by a 36-stong team, was fraught with difficulty as surgeons separated Lakshmi from the headless, "parasitic" twin that was attached to her pelvis at birth.

Aside from removing four extraneous limbs, surgeons also transplanted a healthy kidney from the headless twin to Lakshmi and used bone grafts to close her pelvic bones which were set at right-angles to each other.

Her parents, Shambhu and Poonam, were "overwhelmed" to hear that the surgery had been completed successfully and were allowed to see their daughter’s for just a few minutes yesterday afternoon.

Lakshmi was named after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth and was believed to be a 'gifr from God' by the inhabitants of their rural village in an eastern Indian state of Bihar when she was born.

(For the complete story, click here: Pre-surgery Post-surgery

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J.Lo is Pregnant!

j.lo, jennifer lopezBefore, I really thought Jennifer Lopez had some kind of infertility within her as even she got linked to several boyfriends, both celebrities and non-celeb, she never got pregnant.

But now I finally realized that she hasn't some kind of it, because she is now pregnant to Marc Anthony. Okay, her love affair with ex-boyfriends Ben, Chris, P. Diddy (Puff Daddy then), etc. might not had involved any long-term plans of having a family. And now J.Lo confirms that she is indeed pregnant by announcing it to 10,000 in Miami on her tour at the American Airlines Arena, in which the crowd went crazy about.

Congratulations to the both of them! These Latin lovers deserve to create a one, happy family...

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Perk Up Your Xmas Shopping with black-friday.net

black friday There was the Halloween, and then Thanksgiving. And then Black Friday? Yes, and what you don’t know or about to know is that you can save a lot when shopping this Christmas by buying items during Black Friday. Where? I said it, Black Friday, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use shopping tool on the net. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of having to stand in line at a store at 5 am just to get everything on time because Black-Friday.net enables internet users to purchase online from their favorite stores and product lines, such as Macy’s, Ace Hardware, Toys R Us, Walmart, Old Navy, Amazon, Tommy Hilfiger and a lot more by giving customers direct link to these products. This is really super cool! An all-in-one and one-stop, right where your most needed items would be.

Black-Friday.net also offers email alerts to let us know when there are new black-friday.net ads posted. They really do try to make it a consumer friendly site that is most useful and helpful for planning your holiday shopping, whatever it is that you intend to give as a gift, or simply for the good night’s feast. What’s another good is that one can use discount codes to purchase from their sites. Whether it’s hot or cool, black-friday.net is the place to be!

Thanks to Black-Friday.net for sponsoring this post.

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My 25 Wishes for Christmas


1. I wish the people wouldn’t look at me like I’m a piece of rubbish rollingchristmas wish, christmas balls, christmas tree along the streets, or study me from head to toes.
2. I wish my friends wouldn’t spite and ridicule me for who I am and who I cannot be.
3. I wish I didn’t have comedogenic genes.
4. I wish I didn’t give myself to someone.
5. I wish I were smarter and more diligent in studying.
6. I wish I had finished my novels and publish them.
7. I wish my memory was reformatted, leaving only the recognition to happy memories and wisdom.
8. I wish my family’s health would always be sound.
9. I wish I had a strong, monogamous relationship with a mature man.
10. I wish there would be a special man who understands and accepts both my sanity and insanity.
11. I wish I had more patience.
12. I wish I would pass the Nurse Licensure Exam with flying colors or a very good grade.
13. I wish I wouldn’t feel inferior most of the time, or insecure.
14. I wish my sister’s and brother’s lives would be more than successful.
15. I wish I had taken my family to a world trip.
16. I wish I were thriftier.
17. I wish I had a huge library.
18. I wish I had my own laptop so my blogging pursuit will be more perked up.
19. I wish I had a decent phone.
20. I wish I were never gay.


21. I wish for world peace to be constant.
22. I wish there would not be children who die of hunger.
23. I wish the cure for AIDS would not be discovered so people won’t have a reason for sexual promiscuity.
24. I wish the people would be more caring of the environment.
25. I wish fairness and equality would be more fortified.

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Tips to Effective Cheating

classroom cheatingWe get bored at times when it comes to our scholastic lives and although I have already graduated from college I still can remember how schooling used to be so tedious most of the time, stressful and requires a lot of patience and sincere perseverance. And at times we get irked by our professors’ lifeless discussions and objectionable style of throwing a quiz or exam. So it’s time we strike back, by way of cheating. It pays to be a little bad sometimes. So read on to cheat successfully.

1. Strategize your placement. Sit where cheating isn’t likely to be suspected. Have the first front row or the next one. You don’t want your teacher to be looking at your place very frequently.

2. Sit beside a friend whom you know has a firm grasp on the subject quizzed. I used to sit in between or beside my co-honor students, and it really makes the test results even higher. Ha ha.

3. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A. Yellow (or orange) fruits and vegetables, as well as green, leafy veggies, are the good sources of this. You have to invest in your eyesight as this will come very handy. With a very good eyesight as mine, amazingly you can even look clearly at an answer sheet that’s two seats (starting from the immediate seatmate) away.

4. Refrain from inventing codes, sign languages and verbal ticks (one tsk for A, two for B…). They are so yesterday and are often ineffective. And they’re a waste of time and effort too. Stop making believed-to-be clandestine techniques either, like poking your friend for the answer or kicking their seats. These are unruly.

5. Be vigilant of your teacher’s eyes. The best time to look at your seatmate’s answer is the time when your teacher reads the questions. If on exams, just be vigilant still. Sneakily peek at the teacher’s table and pretend that you are having hard time thinking for the answer before glancing at your seatmate’s paper. This way you can know teacher is surveying you or not.

6. Do not cover your paper. Cover it only to act as if you were really guarding it as your teacher’s eyes rove on you and your classmates.

7. Do not make or bring cheating paraphernalia, like writing in your palms or in a crib sheets (cheat sheets), for heaven’s sake! Like #4, they are old school’s way of cheating. You do not want to have a strong evidence against you.

8. Act natural. Be confident. Do not look as if you’re nervous and overly cautious of your teacher’s stare, or else he will get a hint that something suspicious is going on with you.

9. Write legibly. What you sow, you reap. If you have a very bad penmanship and no seatmate of yours can actually read it from the usual test-taking distance you will end up not getting any answer from him in return.

10. Study yourself. Don’t be too dependent of your seatmates’ answers. Cheating is a two-way process; you receive what you give. Cheat only for things that you forgot or really had not known and not entirely what your cheat mate answered. It is much better to take a glance at someone’s answer only to verify if you answered correctly when in doubt.

So there you have it. Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to becoming the greatest expert cheater in class. Remember that cheating, evil as it is, comes to being good only when it is used against another evil, and this includes a very severe professor with the strangest, stupidest way of giving tests, ways that are so out of this world and do not foster learning. Just bear in mind that cheating is an anagram of teaching, so when there is a bad teach, there’s got to be a bad cheat. Makes sense?

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The Baddest Borborygmus

stomach ache, tummy I have to bluntly say that this day was an unlucky day for me. I radically searched for what might have caused the violent rumbling of my stomach this morning, back while I was sitting still in a seat in the review center, but I could only guess. Having stayed there for barely half an hour in the room seemed all too out of this world and for the most part hell; I had the feeling my behind would explosively blow up in any minute. My stomach was protesting in all its power that I had to immediately get from my roommate the key to our room so that I had left the review center and trudged the road back to dorm with a sole prayer in my mind:

“Lord, just don’t let my tummy give in until I arrived at the dorm and I would no longer be gay,” I had thought desperately.

But walking along the road only worsened what I felt. Of course an increase in body activity would also increase your peristalsis, and knowing all too feel that when I walk I do it very fast that even my friends would complain, how much more at that particular time in the morning when my pacing was doubled, distressed by the sick feeling.

Yes I arrived at the dorm, and rushed as quick as a lightning to the rest room, and there I had my gastrointestinal tract’s rest. At last, comfort. What a great relief… then I went back to the review center afterwards.

I thought it was the end, but several minutes before the afternoon class ended I started to feel a bad feeling regarding my tummy again, that up till now, yes right now when I am typing this, I still feel the crazy activity of my stomach, and this time accompanied with slight pain. This is really bad, that even a slight movement would aggravate the pain. Grr… What could this be? But as a nurse graduate, of course I know some medications for certain discomforts and had therefore self-medicated, although I am not the type who would immediately take one. So I took Buscopan, an antispasmodic meds although I do not have any idea what really have caused the very violent disturbance in my stomach. It might be a contaminated water, food poisoning, whatever! What I know is that my taking of a medication seemed to have lessened the discomfort it caused me. Thanks God! I hope this will all be over when I wake up tomorrow, or else I would have to be absent, which I would not want to do as the nurse licensure exam is fast approaching and I need to concentrate and dedicate more of my time now to my studying.

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The Bond between Maria and Me

virgin mary, christian living, mother of jesus christOnce there were two partial strangers: he knew her, and yet she didn't know him. A timid and deficiently forward boy he was, he trespassed her domain with an incomparable glee and delight in his heart, and she allowed him with warm and gracious welcome that was not like anybody's.

He was I.

I came to her with the prospect of unleashing the surging potentials in my entirety and with the hope of being molded into what the community expected me to become. She taught me everything I needed to know under her special care. When there was the scorching sun she provided me a comforting shade, and when there were the chilly rains she gave me warmth. Where there were hostility and rejection she became my confidante and offered me her arms of warmth and her bosom of unconditional love. She was my fortress, a refuge I longingly sought at times when my fragile heart pumped to the brim of breaking into pieces. She was my second mother.

She was Maria.

In her I learned to become self-sacrificing, perseverant, more compassionate than I already was, obedient and respectful, and a simple living inspiration to my family. She taught me to be God-fearing in its peak extent, just as every Christian should be. To subdue anger and hate, control nasty impulses, forgive myself and others, and shut down indifference were what she imparted to me in the course of four, seemingly ephemeral years. She helped me understand the very meaning of existence.

Wisdom-wise, in her place I have acquired essential knowledge necessary to put me on the pedestal in my chosen field, and the associated skills to help me suit the foreseen and the unforeseen roles I have to render—whatever they may be. In the end, she gave me merits, and I give her credits.

Maria was such a very good woman to me. Her disciples were as comforting and welcoming as she. They squeezed out the best in me and put me steps higher to accomplishing and realizing my dreams in life.

If it weren't for Maria, a name I call to my Alma Mater, St. Mary's College, I would not be where I am and who I am now—two things I'd forever be grateful for. That is why I always look back to the very day I entered her dominion and will always hold close to my heart the special and most cherished bond made between her and me, and as long as I live, I will continue to keep in mind the teachings she imparted to me and forever I'll give her the glory.

She was—and still is—my Maria. And for eternity, she will always be to me.

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How To Save Your Laptop from A Spill

laptop, laptop spill, laptop spill careWhat's you laptop's worst enemy? Spill, whether its water, juice, soda or your coffee on a break, is. So how do you save your lappytopy from these damaging spills? Click here.

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