A Yet Another Dose of Pokemon

pokemon, anime, tv shows, game freakI think I miss watching TV too much. For how many days since I left home I had lived a life without having to watch one show that when I came back home, aside from missing my family, I had thanked God that I can sit on my back again watching my favorite shows, and on top of them is Pokemon.

I have loved Pokemon ever since it was made for TV. Perhaps it was because of the different Pokemon, both cute and ugly, that it required collection of them. And yes, what better way to have them all in the list is to buy a poster or two and sets of trading cards.

When the Pokemon video games for GameBoy were released, I was hooked all the more. And because I didn't have my own computer, I just downloaded emulators to play them. I can remember I even had skipped on classes just to play the game.

It seems ages ago but up to this moment, I still am hooked to all this Pokemon stuffs. I just can't resist the beauty of this wonderful work of art, and mind, it is the only anime that I went crazy about.

Today I had another dose of my favorite Pokemon TV show. Thanks to GMA. I will be missing it again when I leave for Davao again. I guess I'll just have to buy more VCDs of the TV series myself so I can watch the show over and over again if I wished to.

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