Study. Study. Study.

The review classes has gotten to a break again, and it will not be until the 4th of November that I will be back to my dorm in Davao. So now while I am back in my hometown, I have to deal with the usual life that I live here, only a bit modified this time by serious studying of some of my review questionnaires. I left most of my reference books in Davao and I only brought with me my review center's compilation of previous board exam questions, my Mosby's Pocket Dictionary and a friend's two NCLEX-RN books, one being Mosby. I started answering their questions yesterday and I really learned a lot, because of its detailed rationales in each entry and choices, which is good as this will provide a good foundation for me in the upcoming NLE. I have only a week for a rest now and I hope I can peruse and practice these books totally before I go back to Davao. But of course, as what our lecturers said, four (4) hours a day of studying is already enough, so I might as well insert in between some moments of laziness, laid-back or couch potato activities such as watching my favorite shows on TV (as I do miss them, having not been able to watch TV while in Davao) and some fancy strolls in cool hang-outs. Ha ha. All work no play makes Jack a dumb boy, after all...

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