Struggling for the Filing

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At last! We have already filed our papers to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)today, and I tell you, it has been a very taxing task. Me and my friends actually went at PRC Region XI office yesterday afternoon, only to know that we cannot be admitted inside for there had been a lot of applicants or those still in the waiting list. We were told to go back the next day, that is today, and advised to do it early in the morning so that we will be first on the list.

I never expected that the number of nurse graduates has by far reached to an all-time high that one cannot just enter the office without having himself listed in the very long list. That is only in Davao, how much more in other regions?

Okay, so, around 6 AM today we rode the usual jeepney, kicked on the roads to the regional PRC office, which is approximately 6 kilometers from where we rode on. The moment we got there, there have been a lot of nurse graduates queuing, if not sitting on the flowerbeds' cement frames. We had known that there are those who actually stayed there since 1 AM. The heck!

I, among the five of us, was the one who immediately wrote our names on the waiting list, I being on the thirteenth spot and my friends after me, and then we're told by the guard to come back after lunch, as we all expected and understood.

Riding another jeepney back to dorm, we realized several minutes later that we're actually lost; the jeepney seemed to roll over to a road leading nearer to the place where we actually hailed it for. And the driver seemed to notice that we're lost! Ha ha. Well, we alighted the jeep when we knew it and hailed another, back to dorm. Good gracious. But as we got back to our dorm, we'd forgotten that we didn't take a key duplicate from one of our roommates, and had to deal with the suffering of being deprived with water, in the faucet, in the toiler, all in the dorm. We didn't know what our landlord did...

After all these seemingly (or really) unfortunate events, we went back after lunch, only that our names were already called. We had to stay put to be called again, and as the guard assured us that we'd actually be catered on this day, we never worried. But when another guard took over the previous guard's shift, everything just went crazy, that most of my classmates and the other hopeful filers argued with the guard.

In the end (after three hours of waiting), we were admitted. Thanks God. And thanks God again that as we filed, there hadn't been any problems with our papers. Or else, we'll be doing the same crazy thing, again...
And now, we're ready to take the Nurse Licensure Exam. Pray for us!

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