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It is intriguing as much as it is entertaining how a popular female musician’s name is parodied into one’s nativeness (Mandaya) and extended with a supposedly adopted surname like that by a married woman. But Mandaya Moore-Orlis blog is authored not by a woman, or not quite a woman that is. He technically calls himself, as stated in his blog’s sidebar, “ang bayot sa bukid” or the gay in the highlands, which immediately creates either a silent, self hysterics (when you’re alone) or a laugh-out-loud hilarity when you’re scanning the site with a friend or two.

Bloghoppers will be at once tickled by the blog’s subtitle that says, “may hyphen na ngayon” (hyphenated this time), a pronouncement that a significant change has occurred, which can be attributed to the celebrated coming of Kulot to Mandaya’s already amusing life. Kulot becomes an important partaker in the blogging, having been the subject and model in several hilarious posts consist of everyday pastoral living and practical, matter-of-fact how-to’s.

Complemented with vividly comical photos for a teaser, posting words are carefully laid to punch the lines in the right timing to produce a dramatic and splendidly entertaining effects. Mandaya must be an excellent creative writer himself, having the ability to choose and use appropriate words to arrive at the desired result, which he is evidently very good at. He even utilizes resources around his reach, whether material or human, to amplify interest, intensify readership and lengthen the longevity of stay by keen visitors on his page.

Mandaya Moore-Orlis blog keeps its avid fans up-to-date with posts filled in on a regular basis. And with honest to goodness entries, who would not be hooked to reading and subscribing to his publishing? And with his friends' enticingly projected poses in blog photos, that even revealing claimed cleavages, who would not be so euphorically amused? There has never been a blog as ever candid as his, and his sense of unwavering humor is way beyond compare. Truly, Mandaya Moore-Orlis blog is one of those that maintains and upholds its dignity and worth by ever being so true with its earnest desire—to entertain the public without asking anything in return. That is why it is never a wonder why this blog continues to live up with its growing community of readers’ expectation and simply why it survives.

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MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

zang, thanks sa review.

fiona is one of my bayot friends in the bukid.

my name is mandaya moore-orlis. you can call me mandy for short.

again, thanks sa review.

nasa summit ka? pakilala ka naman.

Buddy Migs said...

Hey Zang!



Anonymous said...

added to my rss reader

Anonymous said...

в конце концов: прелестно! а82ч

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

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