Lagging Behind

I cannot update my blog everyday since I am living away from home and has to deal with the pursuit of reviewing for the coming Nurse Licensure Exam. I really wished I can visit and post something on an everyday basis to this blog of mine. I cannot also concentrate on what post to write, not now that I am studying my books for the exam, anyway. I hope the exam's over, and that I will pass it with, hopefully, flying colors. I really feel the guilt of having not attended to this blog regularly.

Since my blog is only an infant, there isn't so much I can do about it. I applied for some money-making sites where I can promote products or get paid for what I write, alas they said my blog should at least have lived for this length and that long, whatever. I really am trying my best to earn a good deal of revenue, but I only end up earning $1.54 in AdSense since I started my blog. It's so plain crazy and detrimental. But anyway, I will do whatever's in store for me to get this blog perked up. Care to share me your money blogging strategies, though? I would love to hear that from you. Help this poor boy, please???

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