I Voted

Yesterday I exercised my right to suffrage, although in the morning I didn'tfinger, indelible ink, elections have the desire to do so. I was reluctant to vote, as I do not know anyone and was kind of enjoying my laid-back life at home that I slept most of the day. But after my afternoon powernap, as soon as I awoke, I suddenly felt the urge to vote, it was almost 3:00 PM, and I didn't know that the election closes at three. I was so oblivious that I even had the time to walk on my way to the precinct in my elementary school. When I got there I saw two of my previous teachers in elementary, one being my 1st grade teacher, and the other one my 4th grade.

So I took the seat and started writing on the ballot some words that I hardly knew. All right, I just put names based on my gut feelings. Right then it occured to me that if I ran for a position I might as well get a good deal of votes. But politics is not something I would engage into. It's as ever dirty as it always have been. Yesterday, there were even news of something like an ambush to a politician, with a brother for a suspect. How cruel. And that's how cruel politics is.

Anyway, I just wish this ugly indelible ink on my forefinger will erase in no time. I hate the look of it. Grr...

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