homesickUh oh! Nothing really beats the comfort of your home, no matter how it looks like or what it's built of, and since I left for Davao to live there temporarily for my review classes for the upcoming Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam, it has only been tonight that I longingly craved for the coziness of our home.

I left Davao with a blue backpack, so bulky that it had almost surrendered to zip, although in the end I had succeeded, and clutching on my right hand a sturdy paper bag with some stuffs on it, Joyce, Gretchen and I rode on a typical jeepney with a marking on its side that said "Route 8", as it was what our friend Tessa, who by far is more acquainted with where and how these routed jeepneys operate, told us. The jeepney went on, circling on its everyday route, and in about 4-5 minutes, we realized that we had already passed the road where we three hailed to ride. Unmistakeably it was a MISTAKE to have ridden on for "Route 8". I told them before we knew it that the road to where the jeep was going was unlikely bound for the bus terminal, and I was right. I am always right with my instinct. Well anyway, the point is that we didn't get lost, thanks to "manong" driver who helped us hail another jeepney. Taxis are a no-no for us these times but actually if we were to compute our fares, it would have been better if we hailed a taxi in the first place.

I arrived home at around 7 PM, and patted my papa and mama's hands to my forehead ("mano po"), which I really don't do on a regular basis. Maybe it was because I was really missing them, and thanks so much I was too engrossed with my review classes and living independently that I didn't feel so alone so much while away, because I remember when I was a child, I used to cry very often when I'm in my aunt's house for the summer.

I am really homesick, literally HOMESICK! I'm having a bad cold, and I really don't take medicines at once. I love my liver! Why take medicine quickly when there are still non-pharmacologic measures to do?

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Makoy said...

Re: Alt tags

If you're a blogger user at your new post select EDIT HTML. You would see a code alt="" in the img src tags. Inside the "" of the alt tag, place your image description.

Example alt="makoy high school graduation picture"

Prudence said...

Good luck on your exam. Also I hope you'll find the cure to your homesicknessm, short of going home. :-)

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