Happy Birthday!

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If not for his brotherly help, my blogging life wouldn't have been this spiced up. Kuya Makoy (although he forbids me to actually call him kuya) is one of those people with a very kind heart, that he would do everything he can to reciprocate to just about anyone who needs it the help he had been given with from some of his online friends.

And now that he is turning another year older, it is just but right to give him my profoundly heartfelt thanks, by way of an artwork I had crafted two days ago, so early to ensure that I'm not going to miss his special day today, his 26th birthday.

Happy Birthday Kuya Makoy!

(If you need help about the blogging world, you can talk to him and he will entertain you with open arms, or you can just add him to your links. His site is http://makoyskie.blogspot.com)

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Makoy said...

ei maraming salamat sa artwork! na touch naman ako sobra! hindi ko expect yun ah.

cge na nga payag na ako tawag mo ako kuya hehe. thanks ulit!

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