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Exchanging links not only helps a lot in driving traffic to your sites but as well build community with your co-bloggers more than just building a friend or two. If you landed on this site of mine by will, curiosity or by accident and you would like to have me on your link, as well having you on my links, feel free to do follow these simple steps.

1. Add me on your link using the name or title My Consoling Asylum, with the URL

2. After you have done so, leave a comment to any of my posts (preferably on this one) with the name of your site, or rather, the name that you like me to put on as the title of my linking to your site.

3. Include your site's URL.

Voila! We are now linked in! I'd be so happy to be viewing your page everytime I come online. It's just a click away on my list after all, and that is so much easier than typing your site's URL to the browser. And when I do tagging, of course as you're in my list you too will be tagged. Now that's another Technorati authority!

BLOGROLL starts here:

#: 100% BatangueƱo

A: All In Korea | Ambot Lang! | Anah | Ang Sa Wari Ko | Anitokid | A Simple Life

B: Bariles | Batang Yagit | Bay Area Kicks | BetaBlogger for Dummies | Beautiful and Happy | Blog Ko 'To | Bomba

C: CC's Lifestyle and Reviews | Cecil | Celeb Caught in the Act | Celetech | Chase | Chat N Chill | Christian Bryan | Chuvaness, Chakaness, Eclavu | Chuy | Cool-Tool

D: Daniel Jr. | Denis | Dhelyo

E: Emjei | Everyday Life

F: Fine Phonics | Flat-Water | Funny Stupid Videos

G: Great Books Audio

H: Heather Mara's Favorite Things | Himantayon | Homemade Style

I: Insane Nonsense | Intechgets | Isel | Islander in the City

J: Jam | JoanJoyce | JoyJoy | Juliana

K: Keyboard Monologues | Kharlota |Kikay | Klitorika | Krishax

L: Lakbay-Aral | Lampusuluh | Laugh N Roll

M: Makoy's Literary Writings | Makoy's Memoirs of A Certified Blogger | Mandaya Moore-Orlis | Marco | Marriage and BeyondMar Roxas for President 2010 | McKhoii | Me and the Internet | Mindanao Bloggers | Mourn for Yeye | My Blog Go


O: OFW Layf | Oh My Weird

P: Paranoia of a Geisha | Parisukat | Paulo Martirez | Pinay American | Pretty Life Online | Purple Elephants


R: Random Thoughts | Redhead Speaks | Reigning Mrs. | Rey Ian | Ronnel and Cecil | Roselle |

S: Sinigang Dmeemai | SN Pinoy | So Cute | Solo Flight | Summer in Blue | Sweet Lullaby | SysAd Linux Blog

T: Tech Review | The Pipeline Fixation | The Wired Kayaker | Thoughts of a Blank Mind | Thrift Shop Romantic | Tsina

U: Unpredictable Life

V: Viker



Y: You Let It Out


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HeatherMara said...

Interesting site- look forward to visiting again. Linked to you at HeatherMara'sFavoriteThings.

Steven said...

posted your site on mine .. Playin to look eveeryday, please do the same has well ;]

George Tam said...

Hi Zang,

I want to thank you for visiting my blog. Even though I am not adding links right now, you're welcome to add my link if you like.

Take care,


boss said...

hey just wanted to say, thanks for adding me. I have added you back in return:

Nice to be your link partner.
See you around,

SirKramic said...

got urs here's mine

VeRTiTO said...

nice miss world blog entry, hope to see more nice niche blog entry here in the future!

keep up the nice blogging, and oh, here's mine for the exchange

SysAd Linux Blog

done with yours, have a nice day!

Jennie said...

I added you to my list of links already. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

Here's mine...

Marriage and Beyond

Marriage and Beyond said...

I added u already zang! Looking forward to my space in ur blogroll too. Thanks! :-)

repah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
itot54joni said...

100% Batangueno

Emjei said...

hi i've added you up already... please do the same... :)

SoloFlight said...

Hi zang, i already added you up on my link list... i hope u'll do the same... have a nice day...

Kevin Ray said...

Add Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog:

Linked you up already!


Rhoda Batay-an Cua, RPh said...

hi zang. not so sure if you already added e to your site. anyway, ust in case you still havent,please add me up. i also got another site:

thanks zang

Anonymous said...

hi there! i added u on my blogroll on my 2 blogs. i hope could add me too! here are my blogs: and thanks a lot!

Anah said...

Hi Zang, Thanks sa visit. I added you na sa kalinkster directory. I would be honor to be part of your blogroll.

BARILES said...

Hello from the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.

i linked you up on my blog - BARILES REPUBLIC (

Maraming Salamat at Magandang Gensan!

Jam said...

Hey! I want to exchange links with you.

My site: Jammed: Full into Capacity

Zang said...

added you all already!

Ody Cua, RPh said...

hi zang. can we exchange link again? my old blogs are gone.dunno why.

Here's my new blog:

Zang said...

yeah sure! it is really that all your old blogs are gone without any trace. idedelete ko nlang ung old blogs mo sa blogroll ko para malinis, ok? anyway, wala na sila.

Ody Cua, RPh said...

i dunno talaga. i just woke up one day and when i tried to make a post, wala na akong makita sa dashboard ko. sa dami ng blogs ko,its too impossible na madelete ko lahat yun minsanan lang. and i did not see any "delete all blogs" dun sa dashboard. meron ba?

thanks ha!

Zang said...

i have also heard complaints like that before. kelan lang ba un nangyari sa iyo? i guess it will just come back. you can go to and discuss it with other members. may nabasa kasi ako dun na nawala bigla blog nila sa Blogger platform.

Filipino-in-Canada said...

hi! nice site. i've added you on

rooks said...


added you in my links. you may view your name by clicking the car icon on the bottom right of my homepage. ciao ^_^


here's my link for the exchange

ion said...


Can we exchange links?

Pinoy expat in Dubai

Already added you.

GB said...


Just visited your blog..

check this out.

The premier Online Resource for Health Professionals and medical information.

Liza said...

Hi Zang! How are you? I'm in the process of updating my links and I've noticed you have entered the wrong link for A Simple Life. If you have the time, kindly update it. I'd appreciate it, really. Thanks and have a great week.

RAIN said...

your site has already been added to our social site, to verify it just visit @

hope you do likewise exchange link po for short..Thank You! :)

Thank You!

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