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A quick review of a sane person's blog BATANG YAGIT

batang yagit, oblivious boy
Anyone who understands and speaks Bisaya and who intentionally or accidentally browse through MindanaoBloggers.com directory, particularly that in the long list of Davao City, would be captivated at once by the words that say “Batang Yagit” that one would actually click at it right in an instant with a thoughtful curiosity, leaving the other lists of Davao weblogs behind. That is if one actually left-clicks it, and not right-clicks hitting open in a new tab. Well the matter is that I did the latter, not that it matters anyway…

Batang Yagit – translation, Disheveled Child. One would actually think that a pediatric author—one not older than 13, medical-wise—updates his page at his own will. And with a childhood photo for the about-the-author portion on the sidebar will fortify the thinking that it is truly child-authored. But it isn’t.

Enter the page, and any visitor will be welcomed by a South Park-like, self-made caricature at the header that obliviously says “Me?” like any poor child would when confronted. Entertaining more of the blog’s visitors are the drolly lines that spell, Ang serye ng mga kagilagilalas na pakikipagsapalaran ng isang batang walang magawa sa buhay (A series of spectacular encounters of a child who has nothing to do with life), and the page layout itself is non-irritant to the eyes. Instead, it soothes them. Perhaps it’s the author’s way of compelling readers to stay longer than they would normally spend there.

Not less than the header, each and every post is more than just a brain-teaser and an eye-candy. The narrative is laid out in a manner that doesn’t compromise both the postings’ readership and essence. They entertain as well as inform, amuse more than delight and present mundane everydayness all the more. It’s one lovable blog, lingering on my head as though it were a sticky memory.

He might either be a genius or simply, interestingly mad, the author. Winston surely knows how to distinguish the head from the tickle-sensitive part of you and also knows too well how to blend these two without engendering confusion. Whether a genius or a madman, I don’t care; I just wish he continues to post more articles that a mundane person as I usually crave for. If not, then I would have just settled with envying his name’s ambigraphic presentation and hope he would be too kind to make the same for me.

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Batang Yagit said...

wow. Hahaha.. I didn't think someone apart from jehzlau would make a review of my blog. Hahaha. genius or mad man? call me both. Which ever you like, both suits me well. Hahaha.

Thanks for the review. I'm grinning right now. I mean GRINning.

Batang Yagit said...

I already added you on my Ka-Baryos. hehehe. Thanks for the review.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ur a mad man wins! may nag review na sa blog mo! at hindi mo binayaran! astigGGG!!! (joke lang. di naman talaga din ako binayaran.. talagang galing sa puso ko din yung review ko no! hehe)

bwahahaha! go batang yagit go!! :P

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