Commence a Drug-Free Life with Narconon Stonehawk

Addiction has been one of the great problems many teenagers and citizens, young and old, face today. With internal and external factors that this modern world has spawn, drug addiction has become a major dilemma which poses many threats to one's health and relationship with other people. Worse, many of today's crimes are drug-related. We cannot just turn a blind eye to this, as this is one sad, bitter fact. But what's sadder is having a person or two that you love who has succumb to this culprit's pitfall.

We want to make them better. We want to pick them up from further drowning into the ruthless pools of drug addiction. That is why we take rehabilitation measures to restore our loved ones' youth and life to the optimum.

At Narconon Stonehawk, addiction is treated like no other institution does. Because the caregivers were also once addicted, they precisely know all about addiction and have personal experiences on overcoming addiction, thus giving quality care. And because these once-addicted caregivers had been made the effort of caring while at Stonehawk themselves, they deeply care about addicts.

Stonehawk stands by the Narconon program (founded by William Benitez and inspired by L. Ron Hubbard) and is the most successful addiction treatment program in the US, with a remarkable 76% rate, meaning 3 out of 4 of their graduates leave clean and stay clean. What amazing about Stonehawk is that treatment is not by use of any other drugs. As much as possible, addicts are treated with drug-free approaches, and their Drug Detoxification Program uses natural elements such as vitamins, minerals, exercise and sweating to rid off the drug residues. Stonehawk principles are rooted to the belief that the foundations of addiction treatment rests on education.

Commence a new life now at Narconon Stonehawk and let the true you shine once again. Be healed. Or learn to save a life—of your family, relatives, friends and loved ones—by enrolling them to Stonehawk.

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