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zang, filipino, gay, poetI was writing on a Manila paper a guide of normal values in chemistries (sodium, potassium, creatinine, etcetera) that we will post on the walls as our memory aid when my friend Piwi let out from a shopping mall plastic bag a thing I did not at once look upon and said:

"Zang, naa gud koy gipalit para sa imo, nahinumduman ta ka pagpakita nako ani." (Translation: Zang, I bought something for you, I remember you the moment I saw it.)

At first I didn't listen attentively, as I was busy writing on the paper laid on the floor. She handed it to me after reading the words in it (a bookmark, I saw) and I said "Thank you." But moments later when I was on myself in the top bunk I read the bookmark and it was then I knew why she said she remember me when she first saw it. I read it and I was so touched, knowing that my friend knows what my heart really desires -- writing a book one day.

Here's what the Blue Mountain bookmark said:

blue mountain, bookmark, poem

You Are a Lover
of Words...
One Day, You Will
Write a Book

People turn to you because
you give voice to dreams,
notice little things, and make
otherwise impossible imaginings
appear real. You are a rare
bird who thinks the world is
beautiful enough to try to
figure it out, who has the
courage to dive into your wild
mind and go swimming there.

You are someone who still

believes in cloud watching,
people watching, daydreaming,
tomorrow, favorite colors, silver
clouds, dandelions, and sorrow.
Be sacred. Be cool. Be wild.
Go far. Words do more than
plant miracle seeds. With you
writing them, they can change
the world.

-- Ashley Rice

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