Birthdays and Birthdays

cake, goldilocks, red ribbon, birthday cakeSince I left home to move to Davao, I never realized there were too many birthdays happenings around me, or are to happen yet. I guess it is on October where most of my close acquaintances' birthdays befall. I keep hearing from my roommates that tomorrow is someone's birthday, and I also cannot keep forgetting those birthdays that obligingly throbs on my head like migraine. I guess they were already built in there that I could not shrug the thought off. Anyways, I just feel a great urge to list down birthdays and maybe some other happenings too.

September 29
-- McKhoii's 21st bday, we just moved on to our dorm that time. This was also Benedict's day, McKhoii's supposed twin. LOL.

October 1 -- My sister's and my cousin Marian Joy's birthday. Too bad I wasn't in my hometown. This was also Oscar's birthday, not that he means a lot to me.

October 3 -- Tessa's and Sasha's birthday.

October 8 -- Alex's day. He and Tessa (the both of them my roommates) planned of collaboratively getting us for a treat outside, and good thing our review lecturer gave Alex 1K bucks after asking who's having his/her birthday that time. Thanks Sir Ricafort!

October 10 -- Angging's birthday. Where have you been girl? I miss you so much. I still have reserved my Potter book for you.

October 12 -- Manuel's. The ever maniacal man when it comes to sex. LOL.

October 16 -- Uh oh, it's Ken's 20th birthday. Too bad we're not on, kid. Happy Birthday anyway. This was also my parents' silver (25th) wedding anniversary. No special day for them, though, too bad. I'm not even sure whether they know it's their anniversary. For a family who's not financially well-off as ours, anniversaries are a no-no, they are repressed.

October 22 -- Kuya Makoy's 26th birthday. Who is he? He is my newfound friend here in the bloggers world. He had helped me a lot about this blogging pursuit of mine. A million thanks to him.

October 27
-- Denise's 21st birthday. How I wish you can come down to our dorm and treat us all. Is that too much to ask?

I am not certain whether it's really in the month of October that birthdays of my acquaintances happen. Perhaps it is only because it is the month where I had not any more things to think about than keep hearing, or thinking that is, the upcoming natal days. We're all in for a treat, aren't we?

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