History of Halloween

Halloween is such a celebrated event of the year. Like Christmas, New Year and the Valentine's Day, it has become rather a major event. And what better to way to celebrate this than to have this familiar "trick and treat" and of costumes that are aimed to scare the hell out of everyone, if not solely to mimic the wicked and horrifying looks of the damned and the supernatural. But how exactly did the celebration of Halloween originate? Here's what I found out in the Wikipedia website.
Halloween's origin can be traced back to Samhain. Samhain became the Halloween of modern times when Christian missionaries attempted to change the religious practices of the Celtic people. The Celtic festival Samhain was a day where the Celtics believed their ancestors spirit would come back to Earth. It was easier for them to harvest crops because of the ghostly surroundings. To celebrate the festival, they wore costumes, mostly skins and animal heads, and danced around bonfires. In the early centuries of the first millennium A.D., before missionaries such as St. Patrick and St. Columcille converted them to Christianity, the Celts practiced an elaborate religion through their priestly caste, the Druids, who were priests, poets, scientists and scholars all at once. As religious leaders, ritual specialists, and bearers of learning, the Druids were not unlike the very missionaries and monks who were to Christianize their people and brand them as devil worshippers. As folklorist Jack Santino noted, rather than try to obliterate native peoples' customs and beliefs, the pope [Pope Gregory I, 601 A.D.] instructed his missionaries to use them: if a group of people worshipped a tree, rather than cut it down, he advised them to consecrate it to Christ and allow its continued worship" (Santino 1982). As representatives of the rival religion, Druids were considered evil worshippers of devilish or demonic gods and spirits. The Celtic underworld thusly became identified with the Christian Hell. The effects of Pope Gregory's policy were to not totally dismiss the beliefs in the traditional gods, but to diminish them significantly, instead focussing on the related Christian holy day that was nearest. Celtic belief in supernatural creatures persisted, while the church made deliberate attempts to define them as being dangerous and malicious. Followers of the old religion went into hiding, branded as witches. The evening prior to the day was the time of the most intense activity, both human and supernatural. People continued to celebrate All Hallows Eve as a time of the wandering dead, but the supernatural beings were now thought to be evil. The folk continued to propitiate those spirits (and their masked impersonators) by setting out gifts of food and drink. Subsequently, All Hallows Eve became Hallow Evening, which became Hallowe'en—an ancient Celtic, pre-Christian New Year's Day in contemporary dress.

In old England, cakes were made for the wandering souls, and people went "a' soulin'" for these "soul cakes". Halloween, a time of magic, also became a day of divination, with a host of magical beliefs: for instance, if persons hold a mirror on Halloween and walk backwards down the stairs to the basement, the face that appears in the mirror will be their next lover (Santino 1982).

This is the traditional popular press account of the holiday. The story is, in fact, more complicated. By the mid-fourth century Christians in the Mediterranean world, without prompting by any "Celtic people", were already keeping a feast in honour of all those who had been martyred under the pagan emperors; it is mentioned in the Carmina Nisibena of St Ephraem, (died 373) as being held on 13 May. ...By 800 churches in England and Germany, which were in touch with each other, were celebrating a festival dedicated to all saints upon 1 November instead. The oldest text of Bede's Martyrology, from the eighth century, does not include the festival on this date, but the recensions at the end of the century do. Charlemagne's favourite churchman Alcuin was keeping it by then, as were also his friend Arno, bishop of Salzburg, and a church in Bavaria. Pope Gregory, therefore, was endorsing and adopting a practice which had begun in northern Europe. Nevertheless, All Saints on November 1 had not, however, started in Ireland, where the Felire of Oengus and the Martyrology of Tallaght prove that the early medieval churches celebrated the feast of All Saints upon 20 April. ...both 'Celtic' Europe and Rome had changed over to a Germanic practice.[1] On the other hand, Christianity outside of this jurisdiction has retained celebration of All Saints in the spring, scheduled in relationship to Pentecost. It is claimed that the old beliefs associated with Samhain never died out entirely and that All Saints Day, otherwise known as All Hallows (hallowed, i.e. sanctified or holy), continued the ancient Celtic practices. However, there is frustratingly little primary documentation of how Halloween was celebrated in preindustrial Ireland. Historian Nicholas Rogers has written, "It is not always easy to track the development of Halloween in Ireland and Scotland from the mid-seventeenth century, largely because one has to trace ritual practices from [modern] folkloric evidence that do not necessarily reflect how the holiday might have changed; these rituals may not be "authentic" or "timeless" examples of preindustrial times."

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Albus Dumbledore is Gay: Part II

Yes the words have been out from Dumbledore's creator herself, J.K. Rowling, that she had always imagined that Hogwarts Headmaster is gay, and this created such a buzz in the Potter world. We may have never been keen to getting what Dumbledore's sexuality is in the books but a very expert textual analyst, Andrew Slack, gives us the seven textual clues (paralleled to Rowling's seven books?) that serve as references to Dumbledore's sexuality:

1. Dumbledore's pet.albus dumbledore, gay, harry potter, j.k. rowling, magic, wizard
2. His name.
3. His sense of fashion.
4. His sensitivity.
5. His openness.
6. His historical parallel.
7. The fact that so few of us realized he was gay.

Not only are this an eye-opener but Andrew Slack tells us that no matter how we define ourselves, what is important is that we LOVE. This is really touching. Read on here for furthered explanation on the seven clues.

(For the first part of Album Dumbledore is Gay!, click this.)

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Site Reconstructed

As you can see, I had a major renovation on my site. I really felt disgusted with my previous layout. It was messy and did not at look appealing, at least for me. I don't know why in the first place it was the one I had chosen in the beginning. Perhaps I didn't really care about my blogging then, what my posts would be and how exactly my page would look like in the eyes of the visitors.

But now that I am kind of hooked to blogging, of course I need to improve my site. The biggest room one can have is the room for improvement. So feast on with my site's new look, and tell me if this is better than the previous one, or otherwise. I would so much appreciate feedbacks, whether kind or rude. Anyway, if you have forgotten how my site's previous look was like, it's on the photo.

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Beyonce at The Fort

beyonce knowles, destiny's child, entertainment, sexy lady, bootyliciousYes, the bootylicious babe of Destiny's Child, now more popular on her own, will be having her concert tour entitled Beyonce Experience World Tour here in the Philippines at The Fort Open Field in Bonifacio City, Taguig and tickets are already sold since October 12 through TicketWorld priced at only PhP 618 and PhP 5,665 with 20% discounts to senior citizens. Her show starts at 7:00 PM and this is majorly sponsored by Globe, Samsung and MTV Philippines. So if you're a great Beyonce fan, grab this chance and make sure you purchase the expensive ticket if you don't want to miss a thing from afar.

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I Voted

Yesterday I exercised my right to suffrage, although in the morning I didn'tfinger, indelible ink, elections have the desire to do so. I was reluctant to vote, as I do not know anyone and was kind of enjoying my laid-back life at home that I slept most of the day. But after my afternoon powernap, as soon as I awoke, I suddenly felt the urge to vote, it was almost 3:00 PM, and I didn't know that the election closes at three. I was so oblivious that I even had the time to walk on my way to the precinct in my elementary school. When I got there I saw two of my previous teachers in elementary, one being my 1st grade teacher, and the other one my 4th grade.

So I took the seat and started writing on the ballot some words that I hardly knew. All right, I just put names based on my gut feelings. Right then it occured to me that if I ran for a position I might as well get a good deal of votes. But politics is not something I would engage into. It's as ever dirty as it always have been. Yesterday, there were even news of something like an ambush to a politician, with a brother for a suspect. How cruel. And that's how cruel politics is.

Anyway, I just wish this ugly indelible ink on my forefinger will erase in no time. I hate the look of it. Grr...

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Study. Study. Study.

The review classes has gotten to a break again, and it will not be until the 4th of November that I will be back to my dorm in Davao. So now while I am back in my hometown, I have to deal with the usual life that I live here, only a bit modified this time by serious studying of some of my review questionnaires. I left most of my reference books in Davao and I only brought with me my review center's compilation of previous board exam questions, my Mosby's Pocket Dictionary and a friend's two NCLEX-RN books, one being Mosby. I started answering their questions yesterday and I really learned a lot, because of its detailed rationales in each entry and choices, which is good as this will provide a good foundation for me in the upcoming NLE. I have only a week for a rest now and I hope I can peruse and practice these books totally before I go back to Davao. But of course, as what our lecturers said, four (4) hours a day of studying is already enough, so I might as well insert in between some moments of laziness, laid-back or couch potato activities such as watching my favorite shows on TV (as I do miss them, having not been able to watch TV while in Davao) and some fancy strolls in cool hang-outs. Ha ha. All work no play makes Jack a dumb boy, after all...

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How Do I See United States?

I see US as the biggest and greatest nation today. In fact, it is one of the countries that I like to get to know better, its ways, cultures, and fast-paced living. But here is what I have to say in a survey.

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Commence a Drug-Free Life with Narconon Stonehawk

Addiction has been one of the great problems many teenagers and citizens, young and old, face today. With internal and external factors that this modern world has spawn, drug addiction has become a major dilemma which poses many threats to one's health and relationship with other people. Worse, many of today's crimes are drug-related. We cannot just turn a blind eye to this, as this is one sad, bitter fact. But what's sadder is having a person or two that you love who has succumb to this culprit's pitfall.

We want to make them better. We want to pick them up from further drowning into the ruthless pools of drug addiction. That is why we take rehabilitation measures to restore our loved ones' youth and life to the optimum.

At Narconon Stonehawk, addiction is treated like no other institution does. Because the caregivers were also once addicted, they precisely know all about addiction and have personal experiences on overcoming addiction, thus giving quality care. And because these once-addicted caregivers had been made the effort of caring while at Stonehawk themselves, they deeply care about addicts.

Stonehawk stands by the Narconon program (founded by William Benitez and inspired by L. Ron Hubbard) and is the most successful addiction treatment program in the US, with a remarkable 76% rate, meaning 3 out of 4 of their graduates leave clean and stay clean. What amazing about Stonehawk is that treatment is not by use of any other drugs. As much as possible, addicts are treated with drug-free approaches, and their Drug Detoxification Program uses natural elements such as vitamins, minerals, exercise and sweating to rid off the drug residues. Stonehawk principles are rooted to the belief that the foundations of addiction treatment rests on education.

Commence a new life now at Narconon Stonehawk and let the true you shine once again. Be healed. Or learn to save a life—of your family, relatives, friends and loved ones—by enrolling them to Stonehawk.

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Summit Missed

mindanao bloggers summitToday marks a significant day to Mindanaoan bloggers because today is the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit held at 4th Floor, NCCC Mall, Ma-a, Davao City. I hate myself for not attending there. I had my review classes today, the last for this week and I cannot just be absent from it. The Nurse Licensure Exam is fast approaching and I need to concentrate on my review. The class ended at 5:30 PM and I know I still had the chance to keep up with the summit, although only the party but too bad I needed to come back here in my hometown. Perhaps I'll just make it up on the 2nd Summit.

I am proud to be a Mindanaoan blogger, and I have posted entries to their You Got Blogged contest. The prizes are fat, that is why. And I really hope I will win.

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Mandaya Moore-Orlis: Blogged Beyond Humor

(2nd Prize winner of MindanaoBloggers.com's You-Got-Blogged Contest)

gay, Filipino
It is intriguing as much as it is entertaining how a popular female musician’s name is parodied into one’s nativeness (Mandaya) and extended with a supposedly adopted surname like that by a married woman. But Mandaya Moore-Orlis blog is authored not by a woman, or not quite a woman that is. He technically calls himself, as stated in his blog’s sidebar, “ang bayot sa bukid” or the gay in the highlands, which immediately creates either a silent, self hysterics (when you’re alone) or a laugh-out-loud hilarity when you’re scanning the site with a friend or two.

Bloghoppers will be at once tickled by the blog’s subtitle that says, “may hyphen na ngayon” (hyphenated this time), a pronouncement that a significant change has occurred, which can be attributed to the celebrated coming of Kulot to Mandaya’s already amusing life. Kulot becomes an important partaker in the blogging, having been the subject and model in several hilarious posts consist of everyday pastoral living and practical, matter-of-fact how-to’s.

Complemented with vividly comical photos for a teaser, posting words are carefully laid to punch the lines in the right timing to produce a dramatic and splendidly entertaining effects. Mandaya must be an excellent creative writer himself, having the ability to choose and use appropriate words to arrive at the desired result, which he is evidently very good at. He even utilizes resources around his reach, whether material or human, to amplify interest, intensify readership and lengthen the longevity of stay by keen visitors on his page.

Mandaya Moore-Orlis blog keeps its avid fans up-to-date with posts filled in on a regular basis. And with honest to goodness entries, who would not be hooked to reading and subscribing to his publishing? And with his friends' enticingly projected poses in blog photos, that even revealing claimed cleavages, who would not be so euphorically amused? There has never been a blog as ever candid as his, and his sense of unwavering humor is way beyond compare. Truly, Mandaya Moore-Orlis blog is one of those that maintains and upholds its dignity and worth by ever being so true with its earnest desire—to entertain the public without asking anything in return. That is why it is never a wonder why this blog continues to live up with its growing community of readers’ expectation and simply why it survives.

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On 27 October 2007, come to Davao City for the
1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit!

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friendsation, free online dating

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Albus Dumbledore is Gay!

albus dumbledore, harry potter, j.k. rowling, hogwarts headmaster, gayAlbus Dumbledore may have been dead by book six of the phenomenal Harry Potter series but he resurfaced in the final book, The Deathly Hallows, as god-like, giving Harry some of his usual fatherly and expert advice. But what of us did not know until now is that he will continue to leave us into such an entrancing event as when Harry met with him in the heavenly King's Cross and create a stir even after all the Potter book has been laid out for public reading.

Well the truth is that Albus Dumbledore is gay. In an interview at New York's Carnegie Hall the other night J.K. Rowling admitted that she always intended the wizard and Hogwarts headmaster in her famous Potter series as a gay character. Why Rowling revealed this astounding information comes as a real shocker to some, while a delight to most as evidenced by the audience's applause at the Hall.

Rowling furthered that she would have revealed it earlier had she known this revelation would have been so positively taken by the fans, although some of them questioned why she would declare the beloved character's sexual orientation despite not giving away any hints or references to it in her books.

A concerned individual, Robert Thompson, a TV and pop culture professor at Syracuse University said "A true purist might say, 'This isn't fair to do something like this after the fact. But ... it has a degree of authority coming from the one who made the characters up."

She may be hated by a very few upon this announcement but Mellisa Anelli, the who runs the renowned Harry Potter fan site leaky cauldron said, "It's not just that she made a Harry Potter character gay. She made the most popular non-Harry Potter character gay."

"Dumbledore is clearly the most powerful and impressive character in thealbus dumbledore, harry potter, j.k. rowling, hogwarts headmaster, gay series," she added. "The fact that he is gay presents an image that, depending on your point of view, is pretty exciting or confusing. Hopefully, it will make people think about their attitudes."

Like any other guy coming out of the closet, or in this case a gay guy pulled out of the closet by her creator, there is nothing wrong with being a gay. After all, there shouldn't be no discrimination when it comes to one's sexuality. And J.K. Rowling still knows how to make a buzz even if the boy Potter's adventures have met its finale.

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Struggling for the Filing

PRC philippines, professional regulation commission

At last! We have already filed our papers to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)today, and I tell you, it has been a very taxing task. Me and my friends actually went at PRC Region XI office yesterday afternoon, only to know that we cannot be admitted inside for there had been a lot of applicants or those still in the waiting list. We were told to go back the next day, that is today, and advised to do it early in the morning so that we will be first on the list.

I never expected that the number of nurse graduates has by far reached to an all-time high that one cannot just enter the office without having himself listed in the very long list. That is only in Davao, how much more in other regions?

Okay, so, around 6 AM today we rode the usual jeepney, kicked on the roads to the regional PRC office, which is approximately 6 kilometers from where we rode on. The moment we got there, there have been a lot of nurse graduates queuing, if not sitting on the flowerbeds' cement frames. We had known that there are those who actually stayed there since 1 AM. The heck!

I, among the five of us, was the one who immediately wrote our names on the waiting list, I being on the thirteenth spot and my friends after me, and then we're told by the guard to come back after lunch, as we all expected and understood.

Riding another jeepney back to dorm, we realized several minutes later that we're actually lost; the jeepney seemed to roll over to a road leading nearer to the place where we actually hailed it for. And the driver seemed to notice that we're lost! Ha ha. Well, we alighted the jeep when we knew it and hailed another, back to dorm. Good gracious. But as we got back to our dorm, we'd forgotten that we didn't take a key duplicate from one of our roommates, and had to deal with the suffering of being deprived with water, in the faucet, in the toiler, all in the dorm. We didn't know what our landlord did...

After all these seemingly (or really) unfortunate events, we went back after lunch, only that our names were already called. We had to stay put to be called again, and as the guard assured us that we'd actually be catered on this day, we never worried. But when another guard took over the previous guard's shift, everything just went crazy, that most of my classmates and the other hopeful filers argued with the guard.

In the end (after three hours of waiting), we were admitted. Thanks God. And thanks God again that as we filed, there hadn't been any problems with our papers. Or else, we'll be doing the same crazy thing, again...
And now, we're ready to take the Nurse Licensure Exam. Pray for us!

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Happy Birthday!

happy birthday, artwork, handicraft

If not for his brotherly help, my blogging life wouldn't have been this spiced up. Kuya Makoy (although he forbids me to actually call him kuya) is one of those people with a very kind heart, that he would do everything he can to reciprocate to just about anyone who needs it the help he had been given with from some of his online friends.

And now that he is turning another year older, it is just but right to give him my profoundly heartfelt thanks, by way of an artwork I had crafted two days ago, so early to ensure that I'm not going to miss his special day today, his 26th birthday.

Happy Birthday Kuya Makoy!

(If you need help about the blogging world, you can talk to him and he will entertain you with open arms, or you can just add him to your links. His site is http://makoyskie.blogspot.com)

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Enviably Amusing

A quick review of a sane person's blog BATANG YAGIT

batang yagit, oblivious boy
Anyone who understands and speaks Bisaya and who intentionally or accidentally browse through MindanaoBloggers.com directory, particularly that in the long list of Davao City, would be captivated at once by the words that say “Batang Yagit” that one would actually click at it right in an instant with a thoughtful curiosity, leaving the other lists of Davao weblogs behind. That is if one actually left-clicks it, and not right-clicks hitting open in a new tab. Well the matter is that I did the latter, not that it matters anyway…

Batang Yagit – translation, Disheveled Child. One would actually think that a pediatric author—one not older than 13, medical-wise—updates his page at his own will. And with a childhood photo for the about-the-author portion on the sidebar will fortify the thinking that it is truly child-authored. But it isn’t.

Enter the page, and any visitor will be welcomed by a South Park-like, self-made caricature at the header that obliviously says “Me?” like any poor child would when confronted. Entertaining more of the blog’s visitors are the drolly lines that spell, Ang serye ng mga kagilagilalas na pakikipagsapalaran ng isang batang walang magawa sa buhay (A series of spectacular encounters of a child who has nothing to do with life), and the page layout itself is non-irritant to the eyes. Instead, it soothes them. Perhaps it’s the author’s way of compelling readers to stay longer than they would normally spend there.

Not less than the header, each and every post is more than just a brain-teaser and an eye-candy. The narrative is laid out in a manner that doesn’t compromise both the postings’ readership and essence. They entertain as well as inform, amuse more than delight and present mundane everydayness all the more. It’s one lovable blog, lingering on my head as though it were a sticky memory.

He might either be a genius or simply, interestingly mad, the author. Winston surely knows how to distinguish the head from the tickle-sensitive part of you and also knows too well how to blend these two without engendering confusion. Whether a genius or a madman, I don’t care; I just wish he continues to post more articles that a mundane person as I usually crave for. If not, then I would have just settled with envying his name’s ambigraphic presentation and hope he would be too kind to make the same for me.

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Take the dNeero Survey

dNeero, paid survey
There is one site that actually pays you to take some of their current surveys. It is called dNeero. I had known this site since I started reading my great blogger of a friend Makoy. Once you have taken the survey you just have to post the survey on your blog. Don't worry if you're asking how. They will actually give a detailed instructions how, and it's as easy as ABC.

What's good about this site is that once you have completed the survey, you'll be given pay according to the survey's alloted payment, and you can either keep that for yourself or give some, if not all of it, to some charities that they are supporting. Cool eh?

Why not take the survey? Sign up now by clicking here.

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What For Are Body Piercings To Me

Here's my second survey in dNeero, it's about body piercings. I only got one, in my left ear and I like to put on it a diamond stud, or something that sparkles.

Do you have body piercings? What are those to you? Take the survey yourself...

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My First dNeero Survey

Here was my first dNeero Survey. See, I am not that expensive! You should try answering some of their surveys too! It's easy, and you'll earn.

How expensive are you? Take the survey...

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Tagum City: Philippines's Durian Capital?

I searched Google one time to see whether or not my weblog is easily searchable and had dropped by this site that truly caught my attention, mainly because it mentioned of a name that is my hometown, Tagum City, a solemn, yet-developing city on Davao City's north. Although I should take pride on what the blog article said, it got a brow of mine raised. I know my hometown's been celebrating Durian Festival since last year but it never occured to me that the government of Tagum wanted to be Philippines's Durian Capital. I think Davao City would be the best one to hold the title, if it's willing to let go of a title it already holds.

Anyway, here's what the article said, as found in http://lakbaypilipinas.com/blog/2007/08/30/

Tagum City wants to be the Philippines Durian

by: mellovillareal.com

durian, durian festival, tagum city, mayor uy, devil's fruit
Stirring up enterprises, generating employment, increasing farmers’ income, turning idle lands into productive lots are rolled into one as Tagum City bids to become the region’s Durian capital. Beyond gaining the name Durian Capital, the City government wants to help Durian farmers who have been beneficiaries of plant-now-pay later program of the local government, to directly access the market for them to enjoy a much better price than what middlemen can offer, Regional and Tagum City Tourism Council chairperson Alma Uy said.

It is staging a two-week event, the Durian Festival which will run from September 2 to September 16 at Tagum City Freedom Park.

Other than offering durian to feast on, the event is expected to unfold a package of entertainment such as durian culinary arts competitions, lectures on beverage and pastry making out of durian and durian farm tours.

While the festival basically offers a good time for Durian farmers to generate income it will empower students from schools and colleges in the city to gain knowledge in doing business as a value-added venture of producing Durian.

“We also want to generate employment and create more businesses out of the industry,” Uy said.

Among others, there will be lectures on making ensaymada, Durian jam, Durian tarts, Durian candies, Durian cakes and Durian coffee.

The “Eat All You Can” of Chanee and Monthong Durian will cap the last day of the festival on September 16, but farm tours will go on even
beyond the event.

Meanwhile, Uy said the organizing committee had decided to peg prices of Durian sold during the festival at P40 to P45 a kilo, a level which, she said, is favorable for the farmers and affordable for the consuming public.

While other selling points of Durian could drop prices off to a much lower level, those sold during the festival have added value because “we are giving a much better ambience with a variety of entertainment,” Uy explained.

Uy, however wanted to correct the wrong impression that Tagum City wanted to grab an event that was of Davao City in origin.

“No. There is no such thing as Durian Festival in Davao City that is supported by the city government,” she said.

Tagum City currently has about 200 hectares planted with Durian. It may not have a huge volume Davao City has but Uy said the Durian Festival organizing committee can readily get a back-up supply from growers in other areas of Davao del Norte and in Compostela Valley.

On the other hand, Faustino Salting, president of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley Fruit Industry Development Council in the same forum could not ascertain the volume of Durian that could be made available during the Festival.

In a separate interview, he placed the estimate at 150 tons at half a ton in each of the 20 stalls within the 15-day duration of the festival.

Salting said projection on production and supply level could hardly be determined because there had been no available profile of the Durian industry.

“We have to work on this along with improving the quality of our produce and the volume of our production” he said.

He, however, said that the event is a factor paving way towards turning idle grasslands into productive lots.

“Durian can help prevent floods, can help us always experience good weather here, and can make those idle lands productive,” he said.

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Exchange Links

Exchanging links not only helps a lot in driving traffic to your sites but as well build community with your co-bloggers more than just building a friend or two. If you landed on this site of mine by will, curiosity or by accident and you would like to have me on your link, as well having you on my links, feel free to do follow these simple steps.

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Voila! We are now linked in! I'd be so happy to be viewing your page everytime I come online. It's just a click away on my list after all, and that is so much easier than typing your site's URL to the browser. And when I do tagging, of course as you're in my list you too will be tagged. Now that's another Technorati authority!

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U: Unpredictable Life

V: Viker



Y: You Let It Out


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Nicole's Baby Love

Nicole Scherzinger, the lead vocals of the bitchy all-girl group Pussycat Dolls, is better off with her girls, that is why she has been featured solely in today's icons in the music industry. And now she is finally on her own, proving the world that she's more than just an eye candy. I bet she'll be the next best thing to Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce, or maybe even better. We'll see. This is her new single entitled "Baby Love" with Will.I.Am, K. Dioguardi and K. Harris.

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Pomelo Ranger

I can't help but be entertained by my friend's picture of her, imagining or wishing perhaps that one day she'd be one of the legendary Power Rangers, or any similar heroic troop. But instead of being a Power Ranger, I call her the Pomelo Ranger, as she wore for a cap the hull (or skin, whatever) of the pomelo fruit she brought for us last week, fresh from their home, and wearing on her wrists the net-like protector of the apples she too brought with the pomelo. It really gives me a laugh everytime I look at the picture, as she is like crazy and I don't know what has gotten into her mind by then. She never even protested for the picture taking, instead she was the one who requested for it. Anyway, I am not certain whether or not she'd like this to posted on here, but I just feel the need to share this funny pic of her. Tell me if it's really funny. And by the way, her name's Joyce.

pomelo ranger, suha, apple

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A Yet Another Dose of Pokemon

pokemon, anime, tv shows, game freakI think I miss watching TV too much. For how many days since I left home I had lived a life without having to watch one show that when I came back home, aside from missing my family, I had thanked God that I can sit on my back again watching my favorite shows, and on top of them is Pokemon.

I have loved Pokemon ever since it was made for TV. Perhaps it was because of the different Pokemon, both cute and ugly, that it required collection of them. And yes, what better way to have them all in the list is to buy a poster or two and sets of trading cards.

When the Pokemon video games for GameBoy were released, I was hooked all the more. And because I didn't have my own computer, I just downloaded emulators to play them. I can remember I even had skipped on classes just to play the game.

It seems ages ago but up to this moment, I still am hooked to all this Pokemon stuffs. I just can't resist the beauty of this wonderful work of art, and mind, it is the only anime that I went crazy about.

Today I had another dose of my favorite Pokemon TV show. Thanks to GMA. I will be missing it again when I leave for Davao again. I guess I'll just have to buy more VCDs of the TV series myself so I can watch the show over and over again if I wished to.

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homesickUh oh! Nothing really beats the comfort of your home, no matter how it looks like or what it's built of, and since I left for Davao to live there temporarily for my review classes for the upcoming Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam, it has only been tonight that I longingly craved for the coziness of our home.

I left Davao with a blue backpack, so bulky that it had almost surrendered to zip, although in the end I had succeeded, and clutching on my right hand a sturdy paper bag with some stuffs on it, Joyce, Gretchen and I rode on a typical jeepney with a marking on its side that said "Route 8", as it was what our friend Tessa, who by far is more acquainted with where and how these routed jeepneys operate, told us. The jeepney went on, circling on its everyday route, and in about 4-5 minutes, we realized that we had already passed the road where we three hailed to ride. Unmistakeably it was a MISTAKE to have ridden on for "Route 8". I told them before we knew it that the road to where the jeep was going was unlikely bound for the bus terminal, and I was right. I am always right with my instinct. Well anyway, the point is that we didn't get lost, thanks to "manong" driver who helped us hail another jeepney. Taxis are a no-no for us these times but actually if we were to compute our fares, it would have been better if we hailed a taxi in the first place.

I arrived home at around 7 PM, and patted my papa and mama's hands to my forehead ("mano po"), which I really don't do on a regular basis. Maybe it was because I was really missing them, and thanks so much I was too engrossed with my review classes and living independently that I didn't feel so alone so much while away, because I remember when I was a child, I used to cry very often when I'm in my aunt's house for the summer.

I am really homesick, literally HOMESICK! I'm having a bad cold, and I really don't take medicines at once. I love my liver! Why take medicine quickly when there are still non-pharmacologic measures to do?

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Birthdays and Birthdays

cake, goldilocks, red ribbon, birthday cakeSince I left home to move to Davao, I never realized there were too many birthdays happenings around me, or are to happen yet. I guess it is on October where most of my close acquaintances' birthdays befall. I keep hearing from my roommates that tomorrow is someone's birthday, and I also cannot keep forgetting those birthdays that obligingly throbs on my head like migraine. I guess they were already built in there that I could not shrug the thought off. Anyways, I just feel a great urge to list down birthdays and maybe some other happenings too.

September 29
-- McKhoii's 21st bday, we just moved on to our dorm that time. This was also Benedict's day, McKhoii's supposed twin. LOL.

October 1 -- My sister's and my cousin Marian Joy's birthday. Too bad I wasn't in my hometown. This was also Oscar's birthday, not that he means a lot to me.

October 3 -- Tessa's and Sasha's birthday.

October 8 -- Alex's day. He and Tessa (the both of them my roommates) planned of collaboratively getting us for a treat outside, and good thing our review lecturer gave Alex 1K bucks after asking who's having his/her birthday that time. Thanks Sir Ricafort!

October 10 -- Angging's birthday. Where have you been girl? I miss you so much. I still have reserved my Potter book for you.

October 12 -- Manuel's. The ever maniacal man when it comes to sex. LOL.

October 16 -- Uh oh, it's Ken's 20th birthday. Too bad we're not on, kid. Happy Birthday anyway. This was also my parents' silver (25th) wedding anniversary. No special day for them, though, too bad. I'm not even sure whether they know it's their anniversary. For a family who's not financially well-off as ours, anniversaries are a no-no, they are repressed.

October 22 -- Kuya Makoy's 26th birthday. Who is he? He is my newfound friend here in the bloggers world. He had helped me a lot about this blogging pursuit of mine. A million thanks to him.

October 27
-- Denise's 21st birthday. How I wish you can come down to our dorm and treat us all. Is that too much to ask?

I am not certain whether it's really in the month of October that birthdays of my acquaintances happen. Perhaps it is only because it is the month where I had not any more things to think about than keep hearing, or thinking that is, the upcoming natal days. We're all in for a treat, aren't we?

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The Bookmark

zang, filipino, gay, poetI was writing on a Manila paper a guide of normal values in chemistries (sodium, potassium, creatinine, etcetera) that we will post on the walls as our memory aid when my friend Piwi let out from a shopping mall plastic bag a thing I did not at once look upon and said:

"Zang, naa gud koy gipalit para sa imo, nahinumduman ta ka pagpakita nako ani." (Translation: Zang, I bought something for you, I remember you the moment I saw it.)

At first I didn't listen attentively, as I was busy writing on the paper laid on the floor. She handed it to me after reading the words in it (a bookmark, I saw) and I said "Thank you." But moments later when I was on myself in the top bunk I read the bookmark and it was then I knew why she said she remember me when she first saw it. I read it and I was so touched, knowing that my friend knows what my heart really desires -- writing a book one day.

Here's what the Blue Mountain bookmark said:

blue mountain, bookmark, poem

You Are a Lover
of Words...
One Day, You Will
Write a Book

People turn to you because
you give voice to dreams,
notice little things, and make
otherwise impossible imaginings
appear real. You are a rare
bird who thinks the world is
beautiful enough to try to
figure it out, who has the
courage to dive into your wild
mind and go swimming there.

You are someone who still

believes in cloud watching,
people watching, daydreaming,
tomorrow, favorite colors, silver
clouds, dandelions, and sorrow.
Be sacred. Be cool. Be wild.
Go far. Words do more than
plant miracle seeds. With you
writing them, they can change
the world.

-- Ashley Rice

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What About Donated Blood?

blood donation, blood (Photo by Reuters)

As a bachelor of Nursing and, well, a registered nurse someday (hopefully), I have to more than study the lessons about nursing and allied health services, and one way is to get new information through the internet. Though I do not really go online to get these "new" researches, I dropped by this news and got me hooked to reading it. So I just want to share this, especially to nurses, nurses-to-be and for those who donate blood. This is nothing shocking really, so no need to fret a lot.
Donated blood quickly loses important gas: study
By Julie Steenhuysen

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Donated blood quickly loses some of its life-saving properties as an important gas dissipates, U.S. researchers said on Monday, in a finding that explains why many patients fare poorly after blood transfusions. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, have found that nitric oxide in red blood cells is the key to transferring oxygen in the blood to tissues.

This gas appears to break down almost immediately after red blood cells leave the body, rendering much of the blood stored in blood banks impaired, said Dr. Jonathan Stamler, a Duke researcher whose work appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"If you don't have nitric oxide in there, you can't get oxygen into the tissues," he said in a telephone interview.

But if you restore this gas, banked blood appears to regain this ability, Stamler said.

"The medical community for the past five to eight years has really been struggling with this issue of blood not being quite as good as we'd hoped," Stamler said.

He noted that study after study has shown patients who receive blood transfusions have higher incidents of heart attacks, heart failure, stroke and even death.

"This is not a new issue. It has been a long struggle," he said.

While researchers have understood that banked blood is not the same as the blood in the body, the exact difference was not well understood.

"I think we have a good explanation and I think we have a solution," Stamler said.

He and colleagues at Duke measured levels of nitric oxide in stored human blood obtained from a commercial supplier and found that nitric oxide levels started dropping quickly.

They also tested the theory on dogs. When given stored blood, the flow of oxygen-rich blood was impaired. But when they added nitric oxide back to stored blood, blood flow was restored.

A second team at Duke led by Dr. Timothy McMahon documented the depletion of nitric oxide in banked blood.

"We were surprised at how quickly the blood changes; we saw clear indications of nitric oxide depletion within he first three hours," he said in a statement.

His study appears in the same journal.

Both researchers called for clinical trials to study exactly who might benefit from banked blood.

And they said researchers should begin studying ways to safely add nitric oxide back into banked blood to see how this might improve its effectiveness.

Currently, about 5 million Americans receive blood transfusions each year, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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Lagging Behind

I cannot update my blog everyday since I am living away from home and has to deal with the pursuit of reviewing for the coming Nurse Licensure Exam. I really wished I can visit and post something on an everyday basis to this blog of mine. I cannot also concentrate on what post to write, not now that I am studying my books for the exam, anyway. I hope the exam's over, and that I will pass it with, hopefully, flying colors. I really feel the guilt of having not attended to this blog regularly.

Since my blog is only an infant, there isn't so much I can do about it. I applied for some money-making sites where I can promote products or get paid for what I write, alas they said my blog should at least have lived for this length and that long, whatever. I really am trying my best to earn a good deal of revenue, but I only end up earning $1.54 in AdSense since I started my blog. It's so plain crazy and detrimental. But anyway, I will do whatever's in store for me to get this blog perked up. Care to share me your money blogging strategies, though? I would love to hear that from you. Help this poor boy, please???

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Pacquiao-Barrera Fails to Ignite

by: Matthew Hurley
manny pacquiao, marco antonio barrera

In a long anticipated rematch between Marco Antonio Barrera and Manny Pacquiao the early fireworks many expected fizzled out fast. Instead of explosions the bout provided intermittent periods of combustion enveloped in a rather dull tactical match that saw a wary Barrera try to stay on the outside and establish his jab while Pacquiao relentlessly pursued. The lack of sustained drama often sapped the enthusiasm from the crowd and even seemed to lull Pacquiao into complacency at times.

The early rounds were tense mainly because of the anticipation of Pacquiao striking home and forcing Barrera to fight back. It opened up sporadically in the fourth and fifth but soon slipped back into a tactical match after Barrera’s corner implored him not to exchange, “not yet”. If one were to intuit the meaning of that it would be that Barrera’s plan was to drag an unprepared Pacquiao into the later rounds. But when has Pacquiao ever slowed down? Four rounds later the same men in the corner were imploring Barrera to start punching.

Meanwhile, in Pacquiao’s corner, Freddie Roach was trying to keep Pacquiao focused. Manny began talking to someone in the crowd and laughing, refusing to listen to Roach. Going into the eleventh Freddie told Pacquiao not to get lazy. It was sound advice because the round contained the most sustained action of the fight and, once again, Barrera’s sometimes blatant bending of the rules struck again when he hit Pacquiao on the break with a big right hand. Pacquiao, who didn’t see the punch coming, was legitimately stunned and referee Tony Weeks deducted a point from Barrera for the foul. In terms of the scoring on the cards the fight was already decided by that point.pacquiao-barrera fight

But according to Barrera, whose pride never allows him to admit he was bested, said after the decision that he believed he won. He felt his jab controlled the fight despite the fact that he was almost constantly going backwards and his punch output was dwarfed by his opponent’s.

“I lost my head in a few rounds,” Barrera said in a post fight interview. “I shouldn’t have lost my head. I should have boxed more. But I think I won the most rounds.”

For his part Pacquiao often seemed annoyed that Barrera wasn’t engaging him and that he tried tie him up whenever he charged in. In several clinches Pacquiao began talking into Barrera’s ear and at the end of rounds he would glare at Barrera that glare seeming to ask, “Why won’t you fight?"

Barrera, however, knew that he could not engage Pacquiao as Erik Morales did because his fate would most probably have been the same as “El Terrible’s”. Barrera, a smarter, better defensive fighter than Morales knew that in order to keep Pacquiao at bay he had to fight tentative and pick his spots. Barrera fights with his head whereas Morales fights with his heart. Still the results were, in the end, the same – a win for Manny Pacquiao.

The final scorecards read 118 –109 (twice) and 115 – 112 all for Manny Pacquiao.

Barrera announced his retirement after the bout and ended his career with a record of 66 – 6 (42). Pacquiao meanwhile still has several big bouts awaiting him, most notably a rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez the WBC 130-pound champion who he fought to a draw.

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Battle of the Bitches

There can be no other girl stupider than they! They're extremely hot, and their heat can't keep any normal persons cool. They're blonde (well, not when they're dyed) and famous. Their favorite hang-out, in my most unmistakeable opinion, is the correctional. But the most common denominator is this word alone: STUPID, so stupid I think Pink's Stupid Girls is the most appropriate official soundtrack for them three.

To stumble twice in the same stone is a proverbial disgrace
, I had heard from a best friend of mine. But in this bitches case, it is not really accidentally stumbling, it's purely intentional.

One over the other, who do you think is the stupidest? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the bitchiest of them all?

paris hiltonlindsay lohan
britney spears

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You Don't Miss Your School

st. mary's collegeIn my September 15 post entitled “They Say… I Daresay” I retorted to the classic adage “You never miss the water until it’s gone” with a drolly “you do miss the water when you thirst,” and I firmly stick to that. But I think I have changed my mind with my retaliation of you-don’t-know-what’s-gone-till-you-seek-it remark to the alternative “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone” as I am not actually seeking something but I am fairly missing it.

It has been around six months since I took my final, glorious walk at the Mother Ignacia Multi-Purpose Hall, reaping finally the sweet fruits of the grueling labors of my four years in the Nursing course. Just like for everyone, it really is a relief to have finally graduated, and it is a bonus to be recognized as a Latin awardee, which I definitely did not expect but actually prayed for it. (Well I believe I’m up to scratch anyway.)

Although I hated many things about school before—waking up early, preparing for long quizzes and mind-boggling exams, dealing with the mediocrity of some incompetent teachers, envying some schoolmates’ latest, cool stuffs, reporting on night shifts at the hospitals in and out of town, cramming for a project or two’s deadline, etcetera—there are still those delightful moments that are truly worth reminiscing… not that I will enumerate them.

And now that my formal education has been completed, I can only look back to the days where I wished I were already through with my schooling; when I was in my first grade I wished there was a genie to send me straight me to a mature age where I already worked. And yes, I am almost close to that, but somehow there is a desire in me to be young again, where life is innocent, pure and totally fun. But life, I know, has to move on, and I am quite sure that I am not alone with the wishing. You actually wished for the same when you were younger, didn’t you?

We feel nostalgia at times when we are most alone. The only cure for nostalgia is looking back to it, and not going back to it for life is like a downward stream; it can only straightforwardly glide down as a cascading fall and not render an uphill climb. It is irreversible. And it is but human nature to long for the past because it is an incovetable treasure, very much like knowledge.

And our knowledge, most of it, is developed at school, where we not only learn to be wiser by merely poring over the textbooks but also by sharing intimately our life with others. That is why we undeniably yearn for some things that etched significant memories in our very hearts.

Well we do miss our school at times, don’t we? It’s our Alma Mater after all, our second mother.

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Filipinos irked with "Desperate Housewives" racial slur

by: Elyas Isabelo Salanga

desperate housewives, teri hatcher, eva longoria, marcia cross

Popular primetime TV show Desperate Housewives raised a lot of eyebrows in the Filipino community with the show's September 30 episode in the U.S.

In one scene of the said episode, a doctor confronts Susan Mayer (played by actress Teri Hatcher) with the news about Susan experiencing menopause. During the doctor's explanation, the uptight Susan cuts him short with an apparent racist slur against Filipino medical schools.

The following is an excerpt from the controversial episode:

Dr. Mayfair: "I know for a lot of women, the word ‘menopause' has negative connotations. The heart ageing, brittle bones, loss of sexual desire...."

Susan Mayer: "Before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? ‘Coz I would just like to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Philippines."

That dialogue proved too much for a lot people as they criticized the show's creators and the actress through blogging and online forums. One Filipino in particular, Dr. Siegfried Perez from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, emailed his sentiments to GMANews.TV.

"I have communicated with fellow members of the health care profession, both Filipinos and other nationalities alike. We have all come to the conclusion that this kind of racial slur is a very irresponsible act ...[which] should NEVER be tolerated in any society, whether in a first world or a third world country," said Dr. Siegfried Perez. The Filipino doctor added that they would demand the immediate public apology of the show's producers, writers and actors.

As most people blame the show's writers, others have turned their eye on actress Teri Hatcher.

"The actress, Teri Hatcher, should insist not to deliver such dialogs as she just became the face of this insult to a country that was once a territory of the US," posted by an online user from the blogsite, Coffee With Aimee.

Teri Hatcher is best remembered as Lois Lane in the now defunct TV series Lois and Clark.

Desperate Housewives is a multi-award winning comedy series which premiered in October 2003 and is aired weekly in the U.S. by ABC Network. It is locally shown on Studio 23. It follows the story of five sexually "desperate" sub-urban housewives living along Wisteria Lane in the fictional American town of Fairview. Aside from Hatcher, the show stars Felicity Huffman (as Lynette Scavo), Marcia Cross (Bree Van De Kamp), Nicollette Sheridan(Edie Britt), and Eva Longoria (Gabrielle Solis).

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Officially Leaving and Living Independently

laundryThe very first time that I was actually away from home for a long period of time was in summer break after my second grade, where I had to live in the confines of my aunt’s house in a nearby city, implicitly as their daughter’s favorite tantrum redeemer, as a playmate, babysitter, and clown that is. And then I had to do the same the next year’s break.

When I had to leave for out of town hospital duties in college, I actually didn’t so much as worry for I only had to be away for three consecutive days the most. And with fragile frame and frail muscle strength, I didn’t do the laundry. My mom did, when I got back home. Even, well, my undies, and I feel a minute tinge of shame saying that, only minute. I am not a disabled whatsoever, I am just too thin to carry out the deed and perhaps I am just a lazy person, too.

When the time of my official, temporary transfer of residence neared, I readied myself: schemed how to budget tightly my weekly allowance, what for personal effects should I buy to save, how to allot my time properly so as to get every necessary activity done without constraints, and how to do the laundry, seemingly the hardest part for me. If you thought of bringing my clothes to the laundry shop, do not forget that I am geared to saving my resources.

September 29 kicked off. Laden with an average-sized, black Mandarin luggage, a blue Penshoppe backpack, two, large Bench paperbags and an anxiety worn over my head, I left home with a heavy heart, and I admittedly had drenched my pillow with tears an hour prior to that. Basically, it seemed hard for me. The thought of leaving was as uncontainable as a vast sea. The feeling was simply awkward.

And now that I am in a new residence, particularly a dorm, I am little by little learning to be independent. Although I still am not yet very much skilled in budgeting, at least I know how to decide what things are truly necessary and trivial so that I only have to spend on my meals (no breakfast, just milk and some biscuits). Thanks God the dorm’s not that far from the review center I can actually get there by foot, a good every morning exercise. But there's no TV here, so it's really kind of boring.

I still have more or less 60 days until the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam. I am not essentially fearing it, but the thought of not passing it would be a great devastation for me. I will be a nurse soon, and I could do with greater possibility with your prayers. Please pray for me.

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