Vanessa Hudgens Apologizes for Her Risque Photographs

vanessa anne hudgens, vanessa hudgens' scandalOh yes, everyone becomes naughty sometimes, even Vanessa Hudgens herself, the Filipino-Irish-American teen actress who is no other than the lead starlet opposite the dainty Zac Efron in the most-loved High School Musical. Racy photos of her had leaked into the internet days back and although it had been on the news worldwide last September 6, 2007, no pictures of her nude photo had been shown (of course!), and by that everyone just went more curious.

The candid pictures were intended for her boyfriend Zac's eyes only, but if you're that voracious for the pic, then feast your eyes on this one (and only this one, okay?). Will it or will it not tarnish the trust teen fans have for the Disney musical? We will find out soon. But Vanessa already had apologized for the such foolishness.

Meanwhile, to redeem this role-model here from her self-injected indecency, here are two videos of songs that will be in High School Musical 2's OST. Don't stare too much at the pic, rather listen to the songs and watch the videos, I suggest...

What Time is It?
is in this week's No. 2 spot at M.I.T. (Myx International Top) 20 countdown, while You are the Music in Me holds the number one spot.

What Time Is It?

You Are The Music In Me

Despite all of that, I am still proud of her. Go girl! Go Pinoy power! It is but okay to be naughty at times, don't worry, you're not alone, girl! LOL.

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