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gossip, whisper, rumor, talkCelebrities may have always been the topic about rumors, both nasty and complimentary, but how many times have you gossiped away today with your mischievous classmates, persons of envy, all-time and meantime enemies, good-for-nothing ex’s, scandalous neighbors or simply your faulty classroom instructors in it taking the spotlight? For the week, how many public and private lives do you suppose have you trodden on?

If indolence and gambling are said to be legacies we have taken from the Spaniards, is it right to say we also have been bequeathed with the powerful art of gossiping? We can’t really figure out where it’s come from, but what’s certain is that most of us fancy spreading rumors, whether or not they are true, and we take delight in doing it. So I say it bluntly—we love rumors.

Confirmed or not, stories about celebrities make them praised or detested by the people; either way they get more famous, whether they like the manner they get a bit more of it or not. But in our own domain—school, office, workplace— no one is a real celebrity, only known persons, but not only are these known individuals the victims of rumors but also those that are not.

Why are we really fond of tittle-tattles anyway? Why when we are secretly told with foul news about the people around us our tongues couldn’t help but itch with desires to convey it to our other acquaintances? And why, in devil’s pleasure, do we like adding another layer to the story-cake and sometimes make our own versions too, and worst we just create stories?

I myself am a gossip, if not for a day at least once a week, and I would so much revel if you admit that you are, too. Not that I am inviting you to join forces with me but to merely count who’s in, and maybe, just maybe, to come up with a reliable demographics showing how many are there self-confessed blabbermouths. Does that make you wince? Then you are guilty.

Time and again, our ears tingle once we hear a tad of unverified rumors and we can’t wait to gather the whole, whole story. The teller says, "I will tell you provided you won’t tell it to anybody" and the gossip-hungry listener replies, "Promise!" only to know that the listener later becomes the teller, telling exactly the same dialogue as the original teller’s. Typical, isn’t it? And as the impeccable nature of message relay applies, the story is further furnished with irrelevant, self-made data. Bad and sad, but the saddest thing is that when who makes a whole-fool tale about whom and make others believe that it’s true.

Plainly and apparently, all these boil down to vindictiveness and malevolence; if not consciously, we unknowingly beget shame for the quarries of these hearsays or should we want it to, we cause far more than shame. Are we really that relentless to hurt the people in our surrounds? No, as we are likely to answer, but every day shows we still settle on to doing the same deeds. It only goes to show that we are glad to spread the detrimental news about our fellows. Whether the rumors are true or not, it is still injustice to find schadenfreude in strewing somebody’s misfortunes and misdemeanors. Neither the public nor private lives of other people are to be rummaged of flaws and take it against them, for all we know nobody’s perfect. It is unjust to judge these persons from what we have head from others.

Gossips teach lessons, however, for both the gossiper and the gossiped one; for the former it is best to contemplate what these rumors can do to the victim, that it can ruin their lives, or perhaps more than that, and for the latter it is most excellent to refrain from doing any mischief and probably shun every bit of it.

If we don’t want these gossips, we should at all times try our best not to wallow in the mud of embarrassing misdeeds. Rumors won’t fly by if they are not partly or fully true; this is somewhat factual. So if one will just carefully watch over his actions, then he can’t be a subject of disdain. And if he is definitely not transgressing, he can’t be accused guilty.

So watch over your deeds, and the rumormongers may as well watch over their tongues, for they will tire talking the talk unless it’s really a talk. Confusing? It’s because only the gossips can understand this at once, and I congratulate you for not being one. And if you’re sharing your intimate and top-private secrets, certify that the one you’re sharing it to is trustworthy and ensure that no one’s eavesdropping nearby. Does that help?

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