Pambansang Kamao Becomes Pambansang Bayani?

manny pacquaio
Waaa! What a turmoil that would be if that befell. Manny surely is a champ but I doubt that he can knock out our nation's every, seemingly never-ending, problem. And I am not complaining about his being Kapuso. What the hell do I care? I admit I take pride in his winning the boxing title (what weight?). That has so much brought the country the glory, but I still am comfortable at Jose Rizal as our National Hero, although some say he should not be because of a bit of his foreign ancestry. But pen is still mightier than sword or, in this very case, fist. And what has the one-two punches got to do with uplifting the country's current economic situation? If only Manny would be any more generous to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, or jab the corrupt officials straight in the face then I guess that would be the time I might think twice of his being our national hero. (Er, the thought itself jabs me by the jaw...) But yes, don't worry. He won't be the one, and will never ever be. To the one who made this picture, my salute to him! Nice spoof!

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Dung said...

This artwork I made last May 2006
and posted in has really gone a long way.

Probably the most copied and emailed
photoshopped artwork I made.

Dung Markus

Zang said...

wow! great work!

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