Clash 001: The Oddity Between Erap and Me

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Walang kaibi-kaibigan, walang kamag-a-mag-anak…” were part of the words that remarkably spilled from his lips in one of his privileged speeches years back during his tumultuous reign as the president, and this line had long since gained fame, whereas hardly any word from me claimed any form of large-scale notoriety and that I am yet to produce myself a similar matter, hopefully.

I never knew there existed a name such as Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada (and I am quite certain that he too does not know whether a nasty, common name like Caesar Balatero exists, not until he reads this anyway) until it popped into politics several years ago as the colossal votes of the masses enthroned him into presidency. Young as I was then, I never cared too much about the ever-dirty affairs of the politics, as much as I did not possess the slightest idea what his classic films were. And I am quite sure, yet again, that he did not care about my growing up, nor had expected I would actually grow up at all. Still young as I am now (and he is getting much older) I do not have the slightest tinge of sympathy and remorse for him at his current fate. I never really had developed any love for him since I do not know when.

He comes from a wealthy and prominent family while I am from neither. His tag line then was “Erap para sa mahihirap” and he could have better had me as one of his beneficiaries, but too bad I was not. I thought that ought to make a prodigious change. He may be so damn richer than I but I am convinced I am more fearful of the laws of the land than he. He was an actor, and perhaps he was excellent at it, and I had only been to a stage play once, with a character that was almost as good as trifling. His places of living are in his mansions (pun intended) whereas I live in a hut-like house inhabited by scurrying mice and cockroaches. He is a father of which number I do not know, while, still, I do not know whether I can become a father come the time or would desire to be one; he is straight, I am gay, simply put, and just babysitting is but fine for me.

For the biggest part, he was the president of the Philippines, and I had only been a president in two organizations as far as my slightly oblivious memory would aid me. Yet he is rather less educated (and this would be the very first time I am sorry for him) and I confidently say I am more. Thanks to his political adviser/s who helped him dealt with international affairs, and also thanks to my past advisers who somehow planted in me this brand of boldness. His physique reminds me of a green, balloon-bellied, lucky charm frog figurine nipping a golden coin while I can only be reminded of my own stature of two things: a green lizard or the stick-like hangman. I am not sure how heavy he is physically; all I know is that I am emaciated and underweight but I have a perfectly fine gait anyway. I do not limp when I walk, and I do not babble almost incomprehensibly. He also has his fat mustache while I do not and I really wonder whether mustaches really ought to give extra pogi points. Picture-wise (above) he appears rather significantly laden with more than a handful of mundane concerns and worries, whereas adjacent to him is a guy whose snide smirk is as hell as sarcastic.

Now he is convicted with plunder and he must be grateful he is sentenced only that. In my coming years (that is, if they would), I will do well not to fall in similar situation and that if I built my many mansions I would take good care of each of them.

Perhaps, only a few things bind Erap and me in similarity, so few I thought they are negligible: he is a male, as well as I; his hair is black and so is mine; his family loves him so much, and mine to me; he eats thrice a day in the average, I eat the same; he micturates and defecates at his own will, and so do I, human as I am.

But the one greatest, undeniable thing that connects us is our both being Filipinos. Many Filipinos love Erap as much as most Filipinos do not. I am proud of being a Filipino, and he is too I guess, and that I love my countrymen. And from that, for the second time here, I feel sympathy for him.

He has already suffered much and I am not sure whether he deserves a pardon. Can’t he be forgiven? I always thought it is one of the virtues God taught us.

Anyway, I still look forward to the day Erap will be finally, fully freed, so that by then he can once again live his life in internal change (hopefully) and complete freedom, so that he will no longer be envious of my ever being so free. Or, at least, free to do good only…

Had he said, “’Wag ni’yo akong subukan!”? If he had, I guess I might have already crossed the line, have not I?

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Mckhoii said...

Kudos for this article! u are such a genius zang ^_^

val said...

Yeah! Fuck Erap...he deserves to rot in jail! Kwarta nato gipang palit lang ug mansion...suset!!! He doesn't deserve a pardon either.....Yawa xa...Im so happy he's proven guilty...Amaw xa..hehehe...Anyway zang, nice post....i love it! ang thought ani kay Lake si Erap...Oyot si Zang....Four thumbs up Zang for this article zang! ( Apil ang thumb sa tiil)

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