My Asylum

asylum, schizophrenia, psychiatry
Enter, dear visitors, but hey take heed
Unless you care, you cannot proceed
It is nothing but my humble blog
So drop your filthy shoes on the rug
Now you are clean, let us take the tour
Don't look for antiques for I am poor
What you will surely find out, instead
Are brilliant works of a witty head
Posted on this are my adventures
Whose beauty is at all exposures
As far as my cute eyes are concerned
They do nothing but make your hair burned
And my charming smile will melt your heart
It does magic too, it makes you smart
Alongside are poems so exquisite
Truly inspired and not obsolete
Or you can just sit back and relax
To savor some postings, not junk snacks
This will be my sort of diary
So read on, I'll update you daily
But that's if I'm online all the time
Then I can make all my postings prime
Now this genius brain has got to go
His sexy body's about to blow
(Free your dirty minds from malice, please
I'm not immoral and I don't striptease)
I know at this point you envy me
'Cause I'm enviable constantly
Almost perfect but not really quite
For my life is only black and white
Don't be surprise, or worse, don't you fret
Don't get me wrong, don't misinterpret
This is Zang and I am from Tagum
Welcoming y'all to my asylum.

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