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I really love writing, any forms of it, although I did not know I could fall into such passion. I was admitted to a school publication at the age of 11 and had started writing since then. I remember the first poem I wrote was entitled "Kaibigan", which I submitted for the school paper alongside with some of my articles. Then the love for putting into words the thoughts I have spurted like a torrent. Although initially my affiliation was that of a Filipino (Tagalog) publication, I still submitted writings to the English pub counterpart, and it was not until college that I fully dedicated to writing in English. And have not I mentioned here that in one summer break from school I had composed more than a hundred poems, many of which I posted on online poetry sites and one poem entitled "You're My Bestfriend" was actually chosen by two different sites to be included in their book anthologies. How lovely would it have been if I had been able to purchase the book with my poem in it. The other site actually also included it in their audio recording, and I had been so keen to send the two sites back post mails of my permission. The next summer break I commenced on writing my novel, and only then had I learned to read a novel! ...

So what is this post about? Nothing so fanciable, really. Only that this should have been an entry to an online writing contest site. I really hurried on finishing the poem just so I can enter the contest, only to know that before you can participate you have to pay first. Holy cow! Well, the mechanics was to make a poem of any length and style incorporating in it a particular picture. So here was my best shot to supposedly covet the price. Grrr!

swans, pond, nature

(photo from: www.fan-story.com)

Albus and Argos

Behold! Its liberated ripples dancing friskily---
forming, reforming and uniting; disturbing
that glassy surface of shallowed depth
of mingled turquoise and coffee, oh how unlikely
must it be for Lucci---reclining, casting, sliver shedding.

And those pairs of ochre webbed feet are but revelling,
paddling remittently underneath as they meet vis-a-vis,
halting halfway that glassy surface of shallowed depth,
their wings outstretched, then curtailed, blood seething
and glide away again, taking pride of their pure color, silvery.

Green acquaintances, rainbow friends swaying forth and back
as spring's zephyr roams, its healthful blessing they sniff.
It passes and swerves and swirls and blows
light fanning to heads pool-submerged with knack
by their fine-feathered owners who hold their neck stiff.

On they glide heedlessly at their own leisure.
Each wake dabbled by pride, glory and self-love.
Yes they pass and swerve, swirl and blow
nasty air of no remorse, a threat to heaven azure
for they don't care what's below and who's above.

Lucci sheds herself more: attention is caught.
Almost blindingly, heads rotate, they stop in their track
Leafy friends and colorful neighbors they relax, they rejoice
for gone would be the days naughty-wrought,
although at once Albus retaliated with a deafening quack.

Yet Argos is rather stricken with scandalized look.
How could have a swan like him done that intriguing cry?
Leafy friends and colorful neighbors still they relax, they rejoice
for Lucci mends broken hearts by hook or by crook
and shall it fail it will try again, and try, and try.

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Mckhoii said...

Hi Zang! You know what? You have a very wonderful Blog! This will be a great place for you to post all of your superb creations. You are such a talented little critter! May you be inspired to write more because im definitely one of those that you inspire to write too! Kudos!

Zang said...

thanks, Macoy! i think you should have yours too, as i know you have many write-ups that are interesting. and so we could link up in this blog.

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